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There is surely an element of heaping blame on Pakistan for the failures of strategy and military action by other powers, but all the complaints can't be treated as a figment of an anti-Pakistan imagination.
The secretary stressed that Russia will not allow military action against North Korea, after the US diplomat at the United Nations threatened Pyongyang with destruction.
and its allies in the region, a majority of Americans appear ready to support military action against that country, at least as a last resort.
should threaten North Korea with military action, 59 percent were against it.
It is now more than a decade since the controversial deployment of British troops in Iraq in March 2003 and this military action raised a range of significant political concerns at domestic and international levels at the time.
The Prime Minister made his case for military action in a response to a critical report from the FAC, setting out what he claimed was a "comprehensive" approach to the crisis in Syria.
But in a meeting on the eve of the Commons vote on military action, the committee voted by four to three in favour of a motion that the PM "has not adequately addressed concerns".
The Prime Minister's decision to call a vote comes after Labour MPs were granted a free vote on military action, paving the way for Mr Cameron to secure the "clear majority" he wants.
forces were not taking direct military action in Yemen, she stressed, but were "establishing a Joint Planning Cell with Saudi Arabia to coordinate US military and intelligence support.
direct military action in Yemen in support of this effort, "we are establishing a Joint Planning Cell with Saudi Arabia to coordinate U.
And we saw the result last year, when David Cameron believed he could not order British armed forces to join US-led military action in Syria without the approval of Parliament.
Islamabad -- Taking U-turn, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan Monday showed green light for military action against Taliban militants.
President Barack Obama said Tuesday he has asked Congress to delay a vote on possible military action against Syria, indicating his administration will seek a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis for the time being.
Summary: French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault urged lawmakers Wednesday to back military action against the Syrian .
Many Tories including exleader Michael Howard and ex-Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind believe Mr Cameron was too hasty after last week's crushing defeat to rule out completely any form of military action.
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