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Synonyms for military

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Synonyms for military

relating to, characteristic of, or performed by troops

of, relating to, or inclined toward war

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Synonyms for military

the military forces of a nation

Related Words

characteristic of or associated with soldiers or the military

associated with or performed by members of the armed services as contrasted with civilians


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Teresa Fowler Dawson, daughter of a marine and the mother of two citizen soldiers, defies stereotypes of both mothers and military people.
Supreme Court is expected to deal a blow to gay rights this spring when it rules on a crucial case involving the Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights, an association of 36 law schools and law faculties that bar military recruiters from their campuses because of "don't ask, don't tell." The case, Rumsfeld v.
Military Appreciation Monday was originally started by Golden Corral franchise owner Hu Odom at his Virginia Beach, Va., restaurant in 1999 as a way to extend appreciation to veterans and active duty military members.
I'm convinced the success we enjoy as the world's greatest military could not happen without your support.
The region's military public affairs officers formed a joint information bureau to prepare press releases and sent a representative to the county's emergency operations center to coordinate military-civilian announcements to the public.
* Manages officer, enlisted, and civilian personnel exchange programs, professional military education and United States Air Force Academy appointments for foreign military trainees, coordination of senior Air Force officials' international travel, foreign dignitary visits to USAF installations, and all other international programs and activities.
military's successes and failures in seizing Afghanistan and Iraq, occupying them and hunting for the elusive Osama bin Laden and other terrorist operatives.
He told Taylor about the families of the men and women he served with in the 111th--families whose lives were turned upside down when a parent's income plummeted from a good-paying job to military pay.
invoked it to authorize military action against Iraq in 1991, during the first Gulf War.
There have been several discussions made (Ministry of Defense 1995, for example), initiatives established and agreements adopted (agreement on cooperation of Ministry of Defense and four Slovenian Universities, signed in September 2011), student works finished (at least 16 bachelor's theses, nine master theses and one doctoral dissertation--Brozic, 2010) (1) and articles published (Jelusic et al., 2007; Svete et al., 2011; Vegic & Zabukovec, 2014; Vegic, 2017; Kladnik, 2017, etc.), and some provisions were put into formal documents; however, the system of professional military education (education of military officers) in Slovenia has not yet been settled.
Pakistan is also one of these states where military courts have been established to tackle the terrorist activities with adding the section 212A in General Zia-ul-Haq period and by amending the constitution with the help of 21st amendment as well as the Military Act of Pakistan 1952.
Military institutions are considered to be amongst the oldest organisations in the world.
In a team effort between the Property & Equipment (P & E) Policy Office and program management offices across the country, the DoD has established the initial value of every item of military equipment in its inventory after reviewing more than 1,100 military equipment programs.