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Synonyms for militaristic

Synonyms for militaristic

of, relating to, or inclined toward war

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imbued with militarism

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The BJP policy makers are looking forward for an India where militaristic Hindu nationalism under Modi's BJP rule India, marginalising and forcing the minorities either to behave as subjugated masses or else opt to join Hinduism.
Recognising that Israel's hosting of the Eurovision will be openly used for political and militaristic propaganda purposes, including: the provision of free tickets to the Israeli military and serving soldiers; the intention to broadcast features that will attempt to normalise the illegal Israeli settlements; the building of the 'Eurovision Village' on a forcibly depopulated Palestinian area of Jaffa; and plans by the Israeli authorities in illegal settlements to provide free accommodation to Eurovision fans as a means of promoting tourism in these illegal zones.
We are adopting a muscular, militaristic and majoritarian approach, which is pushing people more and more into the arms of the militants.aACA[yen]
The MAC stated that by proposing this tunnel, China is simultaneously attacking Taiwan's potential for international space using militaristic intimidation and trying to mislead the public into thinking that this was a bilateral decision, reported CNA.
The President said he wants to bring back the "militaristic" training to the police force, admitting the current training system has produced some "lousy men" and wayward cops.
President Rodrigo Duterte is considering returning 'militaristic' training to the country's police force as he claimed that the civilian character of the Philippine National Police led to 'lousy' cops.
The Congress leader admitted that New Delhi's muscular and militaristic approach to quell dissent has pushed the Valley to the brink of disaster.
'New Delhi must acknowledge the aspirations of people and shun its militaristic approach against peace-loving Kashmiris and start a meaningful process for the resolution of the dispute,' he said.
Mr Williams, who sits on Labour's ruling National Executive Committee and is a founder of Welsh Labour Grassroots, the sister organisation of Momentum in Wales, argues that Jeremy Corbyn's wish to pursue a less militaristic agenda is being constrained by MPs on the right of the party.
He elaborated on the difference between militia and police: "Militia is a militaristic authoritarian militarized structure, according to explanations existing since the Soviet times.
P Chidambaram in a series of tweets on Sunday said militaristic and muscular policy had failed to achieve anything in Kashmir.
P Chidambaram in a series of s on Sunday said militaristic and muscular policy had failed to achieve anything in Kashmir.
Volume 2 takes a look at the latter half of the century, giving examples of the ways in which the literature responded to a militaristic regime.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Foreign Ministry's Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, in response to the UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's comparing Russia with Sparta, Russia has never been a "militaristic" country, unlike European states. Islamabad Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Sunday said the US President Donald Trump administration's"militaristic approach" in Afghanistan represented a failed policy, and called for talks with the Taliban to bring peace to the war-torn country.