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behaving in or having a mild or gentle manner

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or someone usu mild-mannered, the capacity to m into a ruthless a viper to get what he wanCharity recently discoveOn Monday, followinnasty stair-tumbling accfactory boss returns to wis determined to push aof his little boy, Archie, oNot surprisingly, Jai's family are stunned to see him playing happy families with his little boy again, but not quite as stunned as Rachel's sister Ali, who immediately suspects foul play and calls the police.
I think that's why Joey Dawes will do well, because he's a mild-mannered fast-bowler.
FURRY REVENGE PG, 91 mins, opens Friday, May 7 Mild-mannered man vs.
Its mild-mannered alter-ego is used to scare birds away.
MILD-MANNERED Queen of the South star Ryan McCann once acted as team peace-keeper and ended up spending a night in the cells.
Parents today said the woman who owned the Nissan Micra was a mild-mannered mother of two.
The rest of the kids in her school are clueless that mild-mannered Miley is a superstar
Mormon crickets generally live mild-mannered lives, foraging at low densities.
Basically, Egg, outside of the way she presents herself initially, is a mild-mannered teen, and that's how Montbertrand reads her, ignoring the bald head, odd clothes, be-ringed ears and make-up.
All of this makes Karneval celebrations feel more like mild-mannered costume parties than what we've come to know them as today, but they are indeed colorful, festive, engaging, and a lot of fun.
The normally mild-mannered 62-year-old lost his temper after a driving row with the off-duty officer.
In fact, for this mild-mannered Canadian convert to Catholicism, there were times when I cringed a little at some of the excesses on display.
Blagojevich is surely abusing language and statistics--if you stretch the phrase far enough, even the mild-mannered Super Mario Bros.
95) tells of a woman who marries a mild-mannered meteorologist--and finds a dead body in her bathtub shortly after marriage.