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The Paykan was like a milch cow for Iran Khodro, a role the Pride plays for Saipa now," says Ahmad Nemat-Bakhsh, executive director of Iran`s vehicle manufacturers` association.
The population of milch cow grows only by 4% a year that the local dairy farms could meet only 30%-35% of the domestic requirement of fresh milk.
Yes, because if he (Mr Brown) then thinks at that moment he will come back to the voteless milch cow called business - he will be making a big mistake.
The milch cow EDG is compelled to buy electricity from these plants at such prices that there is no longer any industrial or environmental logic being followed by the project sponsors.
It will be appreciated that the system is something of a milch cow for the countries involved, and what is more they pay the European Patents Office only 50% of the proceeds of the renewal fees.
It follows, then, that for the rest of the electorate you could put up a milch cow in their favourite party colours and get it elected.
A few scattered quotations from Boiling Point will convey the overall gestalt: "Much of the great American middle class was losing ground--and knew it"; "Downward mobility was everywhere"; and, "in less than a generation, the average American went from being a political icon to being a fiscal milch cow.
That milch cow will soon dry up as English Tory MPs soon revolt and cut the lucrative subsidies that feed this huge bubble.
Over recent years, the public sector has proved a milch cow to property developers with their ever increasing appetite for office space.
One can only draw the conclusion that these people are so incompetent that they don''t know what''s going on inside the organisation they are using as a milch cow whilst busy trying to prepare it for privatisation.
Our problems don't get a look in and, in addition, they see us as a milch cow.
This was entitled 'The Prince of Fiddles', and was a double page spread alleging that Prince Charles was playing fast and loose with his financial arrangements, particularly in relation to his income from his private milch cow, the Duchy of Cornwall.
Racing would get only as much cash as deemed necessary for its continued existence as a milch cow.
That's why they're ripping off the public so shamelessly now, before the milch cow runs dry.