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a metric unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter

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This fun, end of the pier musical adventure from awardwinning Mikron Theatre Company will be coming to Winsford Academy Theatre in Winsford on Friday, September 13 at 7.30pm.
We were a family we went to like the richest in the Nick - a bonny baby contest winner in Skegness - has written for Mikron for the first time and he's loved getting his feet wet down at the seaside.
Marianne McNamara, Mikron's artistic director and director of this show, added: "There are plenty of plays about the war but not that many that explore women's contributions to the war.
Marianne McNamara, Mikron's artistic director, says: "Deborah wrote our 2012 show Losing the Plot and set it on Thistledale Allotments.
is touring the country alongside Mikron's second new play for 2013, Beyond the Veil, a show about bees and beekeeping with a crime thriller at its core.
Mikron Digital Imaging-Midwest is a Midwest distributor of Shimadzu products.
The license agreement was made with regard to the use of CRI's patents in Mikron products, including Mikron's secure integrated circuits.
The MiquDrill line is an entirely new range of products offered by Mikron Tool.
The brand consolidation has been years in the making." Fischer added Swiss EDMproducer Agie in 1996; it acquired Swiss high-speed-milling specialist Mikron in 2000.
"The movements are faster and follow each other in a more fluid progression than before," Rolf Held, design manager of Mikron GmbH, Rottweil, Germany, said of the increased speed of the Multistep XS.
The international customer support service provided by MIKRON MACHINING TECHNOLOGY has been restructured into four key areas: Business Support, Product Support, Exchange Service and Spare Parts Service, which are designed to cover the complete life cycle of Mikron machine installations.
Mikron, a division ofAgie Charmilles Corp., says its ProdMed systems (which include the HSM 400U ProdMed, HSM 400U ProdMed Dental, and UCP 600 Vario ProdMed) incorporate an integrated, automatic high-capacity tool changer of up to 220 tools and a pallet-changing device for tooling and component changes.
Full commercialization of the new lineals began this summer with production by Dayton Technologies, Chelsea Building Products in Oakmont, Pa., and Mikron Industries in Kent, Wash.
Summer sees the return of Mikron Theatre Company, for whom stages are pubs, hotels are a narrow boat and the M5 is the Worcester and Birmingham canal.