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moving from one habitat to another on a seasonal basis

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These stories describe how each clan came to be, whether they descended from humans or totemic ancestors, and also their respective migrational histories that legitimated settlement on a given piece of land.
Profilai Migrational Extins al Republicii Moldova, 2008-2013, Raport analitic.
The findings in the brain included focal minimal parasagittal and parietal pachygyria, glioneuronal heterotopias, neuronal migrational abnormalities, hypomyelination of central white matter, and mineralizing lenticulostriate vasculopathy with focal gliosis in basal ganglia and thalamus.
Jin et al., "Local hyperthermia could induce migrational maturation of Langerhans cells in condyloma acuminatum," Journal of Dermatological Science, vol.
Thus, S1[P.sub.1] and S1[P.sub.3] were substantially upregulated in in vitro matured dendritic cells (DC) compared to immature DC, probably accounting for the differences in the migrational response to S1P gradients observed between these two maturation states [29].
[12.] Dragulin, Sabin (2011), "Fluxul migrational din perspectiva istorica.
Migrational, diaspora and identity, by Tsolidis, Georgina Editor, Springer, New York:, 2014.
These migrations are constant and duplicate from specimen to specimen and column to column, thus allowing this migrational difference to be a definitive interpretive factor in the identification and differentiation of these three hemoglobins.
As one of the future projections it is proposed, within the framework of the Migrational Pedagogy (iv) (Apsalyamova & Gorbacheva, 1997), a study on the manifestation of the cultural identity crisis in the post-Soviet population, between her Belarusian, both immigrant, as a resident in the country of origin.
It is possible that two further migrational pulses from Asia contributed to populations speaking Eskimo-Aleut languages and to the Canadian Chipewyan people, who speak a Na-Dene language (Goebel et al.
This migrational methodology will be familiar to most interdisciplinary legal scholars: theoretical knowledge from non-legal fields is adopted and applied to legal issues; empirical knowledge from one field of law migrates to another.
She begins discussing the evolution of Naples as protagonist of film and later examines the cross-national and cross-cultural natures through migrational experiences between the two cities.
An important topic will be the migrational behavior and assessments in current food regulations.
Biological interactions can affect species composition at a local scale (Hooper et al., 2000), heterogeneous environments can promote differences in plant communities at small (Vivian-Smith, 1997) and intermediate scales, and long-term processes such as evolutionary, migrational, and climatic history can shape regional species pools (Ricklefs, 1987).