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the geographic route along which birds customarily migrate


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The mean annual northern migration route of all collared caribou was on average 86 km (range 53-119) from monitored wolf dens.
We conclude that the spread of HPAI H5N1 virus from Russia and Kazakhstan to the Black Sea basin is consistent in space and time with the hypothesis that birds in the Anatidae family have seeded the virus along their autumn migration routes.
Xinhua said Badaohao lies along a migration route used by migratory birds heading from East Asia to Australia, contributing to fears that wild birds could spread the disease.
has some of the world's best sites, due to its location on the Atlantic migration route, and its variety of habitat.
Footsteps in Time traces the migration route and settlements of Athapaskan peoples across the Beringia land bridge and through Alaska, Yukon, Alberta, British Columbia, California, Arizona and New Mexico, through examples of the footwear produced by those peoples.
Particular attention was paid to migration and the situation on the Western Balkan migration route. "Slovenia efficiently protects the external Schengen border," said ?urin and presented the measures taken by the Slovenian police for this purpose.
Secretary of State of MoI of Slovenia BoA!tjan A efic said they have been monitoring migrant situation in Slovenia since 2015, analyzing everything that has been happening on different routes and last year they noticed significant changes and warned of great probability that a new migration route will appear, considering that good cooperation was established on the old Western Balkan route.
Some 2,300 people were picked up Thursday in the central Mediterranean Sea, according to the Italian coastguard, adding to the rescue tally from the world's busiest and most dangerous sea migration route. The migrants were travelling on 12 dinghies and 10 small vessels, meaning that each had on average more than 100 passengers.
Following a risk analysis, the Romanian authorities have decided to increase border security to prevent the creation of a new stable migration route.
After being overwhelmed by 1 million asylum seekers and migrants in 2015, the EU managed to disrupt a key migration route from Turkey to Greece by negotiating a contentious deal with Ankara that includes aid and other benefits in exchange for it stemming migrant flows.
Previously, he has been shown riding a horse bare-chested through the wilderness, tranquillising polar bears, and even piloting a hang-glider to lead endangered cranes on their migration route.
It is popular with parents taking youngsters to feed the birds with home leftovers, birdwatchers arrive in the spring and autumn as the park is on a migration route and when the cherry trees flower in May it is a wonderful sight.
This letter week's photo shows Russian President Vladimir Putin on a hang-glider leading Siberian cranes on a migration route. Send your funny captions to the address below.
The researchers took 11 days to determine the exact migration route from the depa rture point in Makkah to Quba in Madina.
EAD's Satellite Tracking Programme documents the route taken during the spring migration and stopover sites used along their entire migration route between the UAE and Kazakhstan.