migration route

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the geographic route along which birds customarily migrate


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The site where Rob Roy plan to be rehoused is on the migration route for these flying Satans and Wildlife Scotland could be about to throw a spanner in the works.
com/refugee-crisis-germany-warns-italy-libya-against-new-route-europe-amid-rising-right-2361612) would switch to the migration route from North Africa to Southern Italy.
We have his migration route, where he stopped to rest and refuel and how long he spent in different places.
Data that contribute to knowledge of migration routes and chronology, seasonal habitat use, and links among lifecycle stages provide valuable broad-scale information for identifying population-limiting factors and for developing conservation strategies.
It is popular with parents taking youngsters to feed the birds with home leftovers, birdwatchers arrive in the spring and autumn as the park is on a migration route and when the cherry trees flower in May it is a wonderful sight.
The interactive effect between these two variables accounted for an additional 28 percent of the variation in the migration route.
In the northern reaches of the agricultural lands of prairie Canada, geese are forced to stage and hold in areas waiting for the ice and snow to leave the last leg of their spring migration route.
letter WELL done to Kev Farmer, of East London, for this caption to last week's picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin on a motorised hang-glider leading cranes on a migration route.
The press release went on to reveal, "The new Exceptional Talent migration route was opened in August 2011.
Because hydrogen isotope ratios in precipitation vary by latitude, the team could measure hydrogen in cormorant plumage to estimate where along the migration route a feather developed.
But now the Tanzanian government plans to build a national highway through the Serengeti that would bisect the migration route and cause incalculable damage to an ecosystem that has been largely undisturbed so far.
EAD's Satellite Tracking Programme documents the route taken during the spring migration and stopover sites used along their entire migration route between the UAE and Kazakhstan.
Chris Tynan, group leader for Liverpool RSPB volunteers, said: "This is the peak time of year for seabirds passing through Liverpool Bay, which they use as an important feeding zone on their migration route to Africa.
The report - marked "restricted" and prepared by the Intelligence Directorate of the UK Border Agency just days ago - says: "Many Somalis attempt to prevent detection of asylum claims in other European countries and hide their irregular migration route by mutilating their fingertips.
160 between Durango and Bayfield, a stretch of road identified by CDOT and wildlife officials as a major migration route.