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Synonyms for migrate

Synonyms for migrate

to leave one's native land and settle in another

to change habitat seasonally


Synonyms for migrate

move from one country or region to another and settle there

move periodically or seasonally

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Growing food for the migrating birds is key, and the reserve operates like a farm growing swamp timothy, wild millet and other plants favored by birds.
Neither group of warblers changed its orientation later in the season, when the migrating birds ordinarily turn to the southeast.
StorageCraft Volume Snapshot Manager captures a hot snapshot of a system, allowing administrators to avoid the need to shut down a system when migrating to a VMware virtual machine.
Over 14 person-hours per month alone have been saved by automating the previous manual processes of notifying users of full volumes and manually migrating data using scripts
The second, "migration upgrades," involves selecting individual virtual machines and migrating them to a new LUN or piece of hardware upon which the VMFS and datastores have already been upgraded.
If you are migrating to a NAS, then select one running as a Windows-powered appliance (which includes IBM, HP, and Dell).
Army's European Command (USAREUR) has selected and deployed Quest products for migrating and managing its Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange infrastructure.
HSM can help alleviate over-provisioning and performance problems by automatically migrating files along a hierarchy of storage devices from most expensive to least--top tier, middle tier, and bottom tier.
By easily and quickly migrating between traditional standard phones and/or IP phones and PC softphones in the office, users can enjoy convenient Bluetooth wireless headset freedom at the home or office.