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Synonyms for migrant

Synonyms for migrant

one who emigrates

moving from one habitat to another on a seasonal basis

moving from one area to another in search of work

Synonyms for migrant

traveler who moves from one region or country to another

habitually moving from place to place especially in search of seasonal work


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This means that only 2,000 migrants a day may continue their journey.
With the shared goal of providing transparent, accurate, and understandable information to migrants, the partnership between Migreat and TawiPay is a natural fit.
The secondary data could identify the migrants and the type of housing facility problem in which they live, also how the housing facility problem to affect their life.
Main outcomes: Access to information on safe migration for potential migrants, especially women in the targeted districts, is increased.
The CMW Chairperson lamented the growing number of lives lost at sea and on land as a result of insufficient channels of migration, suggesting that States could better their efforts in ensuring migrants a safer avenue of passage.
The purpose of the High-level Dialogue is to identify concrete measures to strengthen coherence and cooperation at all levels, with a view to enhancing the benefits of international migration for migrants and countries alike and its important links to development, while reducing its negative implications.
Consequently, many children of migrant workers are not registered and may be stateless.
Libya's civil war placed the vulnerability of migrants in stark relief, with hundreds of thousands caught in the crossfire.
Migrant workers were previously farmers or were farmers ancestrally, and as China has modernized have chosen to seek more profitable, most often industrial work, in urban centers across the country.
Professor Andreas Hadjar and Susanne Backes analysed data from the European Social Survey on 32,000 first or second generation migrants and 164,700 non-migrants in 30 European countries, including the UK.
Civil society organisations (CSOs) from six countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-region--Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam--came together to share and discuss their respective country contexts, and gaps in existing reproductive legislations, policies and services for women migrant workers.
In 2005, Europeans realized they were confronted with a young migrant generation that was at-risk and in need of serious attention.
A new network to fight exploitation of migrant workers was launched by FIRST Union last month.
After reviewing the background, they discuss rebuilding communities of rural migrants, poverty issues of migrant laborers under market conditions, establishing a network between the migrants' rural and urban homes, possibilities and limitations of female migrants' informal employment in China, improving the basic rights of migrant workers, policy challenges of rural labor migration in China, and balancing legal rights and social order in policy on rural-urban migrants.
Migrant populations moving in and out of Mumbai increase the potential for disease transmission into the general population.