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Synonyms for might

Synonyms for might

physical, mental, financial, or legal power to perform

the state or quality of being physically strong

Synonyms for might

physical strength

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The completion of a fine CD, the booking of a lengthy tour, and the inclusion in the Rumble are all the more remarkable considering that the Vital Might got together just 18 months ago.
Milk said that The Vital Might represents the best shot these three musicians have had to bust out of the local ranks.
There is no way to know what the insurance companies and FEMA will be doing for the Mississippi Gulf Coast community and Cable One associates at this point, but there is a major financial burden to be met with so many displaced people needing to rebuild," said Might.
Some North American cities drew a legal distinction between "apartments," assumed to be self-contained in every way, and "tenements," whose inhabitants might have to share amenities, especially toilets and baths.
Their solicitor implied that Mackenzie had selected the site in the hope "that some of the neighbours might buy his land at profit, as I understand has been the practice in some other localities.