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a woman skilled in aiding the delivery of babies


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Policies and funding to support midwife education, training, and regulation can produce up to a sixteenfold return on investment, because when midwives are involved in pregnancy and childbirth, mothers are less likely to require expensive emergency interventions such as caesarean sections.
According to the ICM, women who have access to a midwife experience less preterm births, fewer interventions during labor and shorter hospital stays.
Rim Bent Hedi Sdiri, a head nurse at the labour and delivery unit at HMC's Women's Hospital, said International Day of the Midwife is a day to pause and recognise the role midwives play in keeping women and their babies safe during one of life's major events.
Midwives have a medical and penal responsibility since they monitor pregnant women in all parts of the country notably in rural areas where there is an obvious lack of specialist doctors, while they do not benefit of a legal protection since they are just senior technicians in obstetrics and do not have the status of midwife as in advanced countries," she explained.
The Trust is rightly proud of the midwife and I am delighted to hear the baby is doing well.
Providing LMC care to a caseload of women often means that the midwife needs to be available to her caseload at any time of the day or night--to provide care during labour or for any urgent or emergency issues (Ministry of Health, 2007).
If the midwife is caring for a woman in labour, a new mother having trouble with mothercraft issues such as breastfeeding may have to wait "unacceptable" periods of time for assistance, says Cathy Smith, president of the hospital's NSWNMA branch.
5billion midwife is actually very old news and has been on the table for years," she added.
Julia Rogers has been awarded the Welsh Midwife of the Year.
On the day the woman was going through labour, the midwife arrived together with her two backup midwives.
The disparity of midwife qualifications and the role they play at hospitals across the country puts greater emphasis on mums-to-be to choose the 'right hospitals', says the report.
She started work as a core midwife at North Shore Hospital, and became a co-ordinator of the maternity unit, first on the postnatal ward and later in the birthing suite.
Following the charging in 1981 of a midwife of practicing medicine without a licence in British Columbia, and the 1993 International Confederation of Midwives Congress in Vancouver, the British Columbia government announced that it would legalize midwifery.
Jackie Smith, Chief Executive and Registrar of the NMC, said: 'Every nurse and midwife should be claiming tax relief on their annual registration fees and it is surprising that so few nurses and midwives are receiving what they are entitled to.
KARACHI -- Midwife and Obstetrician are professionals who compliment each other for the survival of both mothers and their babies, said Sheila Sugrue, an international known midwife.