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a woman skilled in aiding the delivery of babies


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If one midwife is caring for one woman in labour, the post-natal women are probably not going to get much assistance with breastfeeding or mothercraft information--even if some postnatal beds are unoccupied.
BEIRUT: When midwife Loulou Abdul-Sater went into labor, the first person she called on her trip to the hospital was her friend and fellow midwife, Terese Ashqar.
5billion midwife is actually very old news and has been on the table for years," she added.
The "Call the Midwife" pledge will them given a designated midwife as soon as they go into labour.
Julia Rogers has been awarded the Welsh Midwife of the Year.
On the day the woman was going through labour, the midwife arrived together with her two backup midwives.
The disparity of midwife qualifications and the role they play at hospitals across the country puts greater emphasis on mums-to-be to choose the 'right hospitals', says the report.
What do you think the advantages of having a midwife are?
In 1925, the United States adopted a nurse-midwifery model from Britain, which was a combination of nurse and midwife, requiring training in both; although primary care for childbearing women continued to be provided by nurse-midwives, family nurse practitioners and physicians.
North Shore Hospital midwife and NZNO delegate Zenzi Grabowski said when she became a delegate in 2000, MERAS did not yet exist.
Beginning with the midlevel midwife is a first but very important step in achieving the end goal of having a midwife in every health delivery point in Lao.
David Harley notes a male midwife using the language of business to describe midwifery in 1755.
The midwife has an important task in health counseling and education, not only for the woman, but also within the family and the community.
I was born in Chittagong in the hands of a midwife instead of in a hospital, where the approach to childbirth is very medicalized.