midterm examination

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an examination administered in the middle of an academic term

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As a measure of academic achievement, at the end of the semester, the midterm examination scores for the educational psychology course were obtained from an instructor.
There might be still other reasons for the left-skewedness of the first midterm examination, but the issue is beyond the scope of the present study.
As there had been no exposure to digital games during the first semester, the outcome performance on the midterm examination served as a comparison matched-control, while the outcome performance on the final examination represented the post-digital game-based examination test group.
This section presents and then compares the performance of the students enrolled in managerial accounting course who had taken six quizzes and a midterm examination, and the performance of those who had taken five quizzes and no midterm examination.
In the semester of fall 2002, a pretest, a midterm examination, and a final examination were hold in September, November, and January 2003, separately.
Additionally, the results from the final examination may indicate that higher levels of retention and learning had taken place with students in the Web-based class when compared to their midterm examinations.
Since the paper will deal directly with the Massey and Denton book, students are strongly advised to read most if not all of American Apartheid between the midterm examination and the beginning of December.
Then I was required to make up a midterm examination from the text, handouts, and other materials I had reviewed with the students.
PESHAWAR -- Institute of Computer and Management Sciences (ICMS) Chamkani Branch has organized Parent-Teacher-Meeting to declare results for midterm examination 2017.
Procrastination in behavior To measure students' procrastination in behavior, I asked participants to respond to a question concerning the midterm examination: "When did you start studying for the midterm examination of the educational psychology course?
We compared faculty and student stress and health during midterm examination week.
Administered via Blackboard, a midterm examination consisting of short answer questions and performance tasks is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the information literacy skills development.
It was expected that students in lecture format would outperform a matched sample of students in web-based format on a midterm examination.
Fateh Mohammad Burfat Vice-Chancellor, University of Sindh while visiting examination centers at different departments/ institutes of the varsity during ongoing midterm examinations.
There were mountains of papers on top of my work desk because it was reporting season - hundreds of case laws, codes and annotations pending for midterm examinations.