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an examination administered in the middle of an academic term

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Hite (1996) Examine affect of team "re-take" of midterm exam on (1) student performance on final exam, and (2) attitude towad teacher; control group (n = 161); treatment group (n = 117); tax classes.
The format of the quiz and midterm exam are presented in Appendixes B and C.
Midterm exams The students in both sections of the class also took three mid-term exams.
The experimental group was exposed to games as a teaching method after delivering the first speech and writing the midterm exam.
Students must take quizzes, complete a midterm exam and, as their final assessment, conduct what Santos calls a "Hack Yo'Self Project," a personal self-improvement project.
The midterm exam had all four domains of language--reading, writing, listening and speaking--(with) heavier emphasis on listening and speaking.
In line with this study, to assess stress levels, we decided to record the participants' blood pressure levels by measuring and comparing their pre-systolic and prediastolic numbers to post-systolic and post-diastolic numbers after being exposed to a novel, friendly dog, prior to a midterm exam.
My first encounter with accounting was scary; I failed the first midterm exam in Introduction to Accounting.
Kris (10) had an average midterm exam grade that was roughly between an A- and a B+ but she ended up in a group where the other students' overall average grade on the midterms was a D, a difference of about two and a half letter grades.