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Synonyms for midsummer

June 21, when the sun is at its northernmost point

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Tulliver, you won't let Tom begin at his new school before Midsummer. He began at the 'cademy at the Lady-day quarter, and you see what good's come of it."
If I were you, I think I would enter on the subject with Stelling at once: there's no necessity for sending the boy before Midsummer, but I would be on the safe side, and make sure that nobody forestalls you."
Midsummer eve had come, bringing deep verdure to the forest, and roses in her lap, of a more vivid hue than the tender buds of Spring.
Never had the Maypole been so gayly decked as at sunset on midsummer eve.
One day in midsummer, when I was hoeing, a man who was carrying a load of pottery to market stopped his horse against my field and inquired concerning Wyman the younger.
He wore a greatcoat in midsummer, being affected with the trembling delirium, and his face was the color of carmine.
Laurence and Aunt March, for when the stately old gentleman chass'ed solemnly up to the old lady, she just tucked her cane under arm, and hopped briskly away to join hands with the rest and dance about the bridal pair, while the young folks pervaded the garden like butterflies on a midsummer day.
Campbell are to be in town again by midsummer," said Jane.
Jennings, who knew nothing of all this, who knew only that the Colonel continued as grave as ever, and that she could neither prevail on him to make the offer himself, nor commission her to make it for him, began, at the end of two days, to think that, instead of Midsummer, they would not be married till Michaelmas, and by the end of a week that it would not be a match at all.
In pleasant conversation of this sort they passed out of the tent into the wood, and the day was spent in visiting some of the posts and hiding-places, and then night closed in, not, however, as brilliantly or tranquilly as might have been expected at the season, for it was then midsummer; but bringing with it a kind of haze that greatly aided the project of the duke and duchess; and thus, as night began to fall, and a little after twilight set in, suddenly the whole wood on all four sides seemed to be on fire, and shortly after, here, there, on all sides, a vast number of trumpets and other military instruments were heard, as if several troops of cavalry were passing through the wood.
Bloomfield sent for me, and calmly told me that after Midsummer my services would be no longer required.
Many stone monuments are built in alignment with the exact place where the sun rises on Midsummer's Day.
The prime exhibit is A Midsummer Night's Dream with Puck as the chief example.
Washington, D.C.: Starting in September, six theatre companies will tour Richard III, Othello, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream in over 100 communities, as part of a new initiative, "Shakespeare in American Communities," spear-headed by the National Endowment for the Arts.
The Finnish alcohol monopoly Alko sells more weak alcohol drinks for Midsummer than any other time of the year, while the sales of traditional strong liquors as well as white and sparkling wines are also high.