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Synonyms for midships

at or near or toward the center of a ship

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Our review boat, hull number #20, came with three cabins and the single midships bathroom with dual entry (into the aft starboard cabin).
As for placement of the masts, it was accepted practice to station the main mast just aft of midships and abaft of the cargo hole.
Indeed, Captain Castles told an officer of the 54th that the game was up, and the officer replied: 'We'll fight till we're driven overboard.' It seemed he would be taken at his word, for just then the signalling powder and the ammunition-casks went up, and the ship seen from midships aft looked like one floating volcano."
The accommodation has been placed midships for additional comfort the location reducing vertical acceleration by as much as 15%.
It seems unlikely that structural changes will be made to introduce a midships stairwell linking the accommodation decks.
During an air raid on October 2, 1941, the Tyne and its shelter were severely damaged, with the port side and midships section of the boat being destroyed.
Join Fire boats poured water onto Ocean Countess as a vast column of smoke billowed from the blazing midships cabins and public areas.
The Liberator's midships gunner was killed and the tail gunner was wounded.
The aft swimming pool has been removed to create more deck space, and there's lots of room to lounge around the midships pool and the sundeck above.
(The amazing seaworthiness of Viking vessels owes much to flexibility in the construction but add a fictional iron cladding and the solidity combined with the shallow midships draught would be fatal.) Violence and action abound so a book for older young readers but reading Viking Gold is hard work.
Finally, a fifth rod using the secret meat rig described above is set into a rodholder midships with the lure actually spinning right between the lines running down to the planers.
Winstanley also explained that while the bow is intact, the midships have rolled over and the vessel's keel is facing skyward.
Men were assigned to gather all equipment possible from the rest of the ship in order to extinguish the fire and assemble at midships above the engine room.
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