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the middle area of the human torso (usually in front)

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They said the amount of fat a person carries around his midsection or waist circumstance increases or decreases the individual's life expectancy.
The GlassVu Loading System, introduced at Plastics Encounter/ANTEC[TM] 2007, includes cylindrical loaders, receivers, and machine-mount hoppers, all of which feature large wraparound glass midsections that provide clear views of the filling process to ensure proper operation and aid in setup.
The fixture comes with metallized midsections that are clamped into the fixture main frame between the signal launch pads.
The molecules' tips exposed to the world are negatively charged and attract water, but the molecules' midsections shun water.
These targets are constructed of the same tournament proven flexible foam as the other HD series targets and include replaceable midsections, realistic total body painting, and IBO-approved scoring areas.
In the photo, neither of them appeared to be expecting a child, but they also hid their midsections in oversized shirts and loose sweatshirts.