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Synonyms for midriff

the middle area of the human torso (usually in front)

(anatomy) a muscular partition separating the abdominal and thoracic cavities

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Bare midriffs, exposed cleavage, exposed underwear, pajamas and hats are not allowed.
Neither ad featured the bare midriff styles so popular a year ago.
They wear rings through their eyebrows They wear them through their nose They wear them in other places but they're hidden by their clothes A plethora of bare midriffs I'm afraid one gets quite bored Staring at dozens of young ladies flashing their umbilical cords We love some of their hairstyles We admire their taste in shoes But why do they spoil perfection marring themselves with tattoos?
Montreal -- Exposing oneself is in--from bare naked Canadian female rugby players (Toronto Star, May 21, 2004) to porn stars on the Internet, from young women on the street with midriffs bared to--roller coaster riders?
Teachers at Stranraer Academy are also unhappy about cleavage and bare midriffs on show.
I AM sure no-one has failed to notice how young women constantly show their bare midriffs.
When it rose, there was an initially discordant effect as Isaac Mizrahi's mundane costumes, with their tights of varying lengths and bare midriffs of varying widths, came into focus.
LANCASTER - Quartz Hill High School reported the most girls baring midriffs, boys wearing forbidden ball caps or sagging pants, and other violations of a new dress code that took effect in September.
THE Coral bared their midriffs alongside a group of Southport belly dancers for their latest video for Secret Kiss.
THONGS visible at the back are a turn-off and guys have had a gutfull of girls baring their midriffs.
Apparently the sight of shoulders, thighs and midriffs may be offensive to newly arrived asylum-seekers.
TOP fashions - and bare midriffs - were the order of the day in Milan yesterday as Italy's top designers unveiled their ideas for next summer.