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the vein in the center of a leaf


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5 g midribs and petioles of leaf of inoculated and healthy plants by the CTAB (2% CTAB, 100 mM Tris HCl, 1.
The objective of this study was to assess in situ dry matter (DM) and neutral detergent fiber (NDF) degradation kinetics for two new pre-matured brown midrib varieties (pmBMR1 and pmBMR2) that can be double-cropped by harvesting at tassel, compared with a sole crop mature BMR (mBMR) and conventional corn silage (CCS) harvested at maturity in dry and lactating dairy cows.
Composites filled with pretreated and untreated particles of three wood species and date palm midrib fronds were manufactured using a melt blending technique followed by compression molding.
The species collected in the Pantanal and prepared according to the usual techniques for anatomical studies showed similar structural characteristics, and data on the arrangement of vascular bundles in the midrib and petiole, as well as the form and distribution of sclereids, were consistent.
Finely powdered dry laminas/leaves and midribs of the sugar beets were soaked in ethanol for one week in separate containers.
Microscopic views of tree stems and leaf midribs were produced by means of a Leica DM4000M microscope interfaced with a digital camera and Leica image analysis software (Leica Microsystems Wetzlar GmbH, Germany).
To do this, fold the inner leaves over the curd so that it isn't visible - you may have to snap their midribs so they stay in place - and tie them with garden string.
In side-by-side plots, the midribs of the bmr-6 near-isolines exhibited more intense brown coloration than the bmr-12 near-isolines (Fig.
Plants with monofoliate leaves having midribs 30-40 mm were selected for experimentation.
Vascular bundles in midribs enter the lamina at intervals, individually or in groups, to form the secondaries.
The leaves and midribs are used for furniture, crates, baskets, ropes, hats, mats, shoes, roofing, brooms and as fuel.
testaceipes, which galls midribs and petioles (Price and Roininen 1993), is closer to the Pontania clade than E.
The crisp midribs vary from very wide, like those of 'Argentata' and 'Dorat', to the celery-like ones of 'Fordhook Giant' and 'Rhubarb' (also sold as 'Ruby Red').
After the broas are cooked, these are then transferred to a mat made of buri midribs with controlled heat coming from charcoals below where the broas harden to achieve the desired crispness.
There are several named mixes, such as Bright Lights, with superbly coloured midribs and veins in glowing golden yellow, shocking pink and deep crimson.