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the vein in the center of a leaf


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Keywords: Coconut Leaf Midrib Charcoal, Boiling Rate, Heating Value, Burning Efficiency, Charcoal Burning Rate
5 g midribs and petioles of leaf of inoculated and healthy plants by the CTAB (2% CTAB, 100 mM Tris HCl, 1.
The plantlets presented extravascular fibers in the midrib (Figure 3B, F, 4B, E), which perform different functions such as support, protection against water loss, and attenuation of the luminous intensity (Eames and Mac Daniels, 1925).
Plant growth was evaluated after 60 and 75 DAE (stages F3 and C1 according to the scale of Marur & Ruano (2001)) to obtain plant height, number of leaves and midrib length of all leaves in 10 plants previously selected.
Workers brood combs midrib to midrib distance (comb spacing): The average midrib to midrib distance of A.
A gorgeous plant with dense-growing, upright and heavily puckered, or savoyed, narrow leaves, it is deep bluish-black-green with a pale midrib.
The symptoms of ash dieback include black blotches on the leaf base and midrib, and wilting.
3 cm long, 10-16 cm wide, broadly elliptical or obovate, cuneate or rounded at base, flat or slightly revolute at margin, broadly obtuse or rounded and usually abruptly short-acuminate or apiculate at apex, adaxially glabrate at maturity except often appressed-tomentose on midrib and lateral veins near base, abaxially densely and persistently tomentose with the hairs T-shaped with the long crosspiece straight or sinuous, apparently eglandular, the principal lateral veins 10-13 on each side of midrib, very prominent abaxially and sunken adaxially in dried leaves; petiole 9-14 mm long, densely and persistently appressed-tomentose or sericeous, eglandular; stipules 1.
Composites filled with pretreated and untreated particles of three wood species and date palm midrib fronds were manufactured using a melt blending technique followed by compression molding.
BMR mutant plants (brown midrib trait) are phenotypically characterized by the presence of brownish pigments on the midrib of the leaf and in the stem.
The midrib of NRV is woody, thick hence the outputs of cigarettes of NRVs are lower as compared to RV
Vegetative characteristics: The collected data of vegetative characteristics for each variety were number of mature leaves (fronds)/palm, average frond length (m) and midrib width (midrib measured after 100 cm from the base), average no.
The nature of compounds of the n-hexane fraction was found the same for both the midrib and leaves.