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the vein in the center of a leaf


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Midrib on adaxial leaf surface pubescent; plants growing in various soils 4
38) often well preserved, though seldom entire, dark brown, thick, opaque even when observed with a lighted dissecting scope, somewhat revolute near petiole, in-folded margins compress to a thickening along the majority of the blade, midrib raised on both sides.
In that revision, Keay distinguished the three taxa by their floral characters, color of leaf midrib and length of hypocotyl.
But the official Bloody Dock has its leaf midrib and veins picked out in blood-red.
To really customize your shirt, add a breast pocket (or not) and a monogram on or under the pocket, midrib, or on a cuff.
This chlorosis becomes more intense and extensive with prolonged exposure until the midrib and some veins appear as a green arborescent pattern on a chlorotic background.
Some insects studied at Cornell make simple cuts across the midrib of a leaf, while others cut circular trenches and then eat the latex-less center, say the authors.
A study of a high value coconut product: the Midrib Basket market chain in Vietnam, Menno Keizer and Nguyen Thi Le Thuy
Polythalamous, developing in petiole and midrib and engulfing leaf lamina.
The leafy part cooks more quickly than the midribs so tear or cut the midrib section, separating it from the leaf and cook the ribs for a few minutes before adding the leaves.
To protect themselves from moisprotect themselves from moisT -ture loss during cold weather some rhododendrons roll their leaves around the midrib.
Effects of feeding brown midrib corn silage with a high dietary concentration of alfalfa hay on lactational performance of Holstein dairy cows for the first 180 days of lactation.
Rhizoids are typically borne on the margins, both sides of the midrib, and on the wings (Nayar and Kaur, 1971; Stokey and Atkinson, 1957), but they are usually most abundant on the ventral side of the midrib (Stokey and Atkinson, 1957).
Hairy leaves are 3-6 cm long and 2-5 cm broad, with 3-7 shallow, forward-pointing lobes on each side of the leaf, obovate and deeply lobed, sometimes almost to the midrib, with the lobes spreading at a wide angle.
This study was done to determine the nutrient and antinutrient levels of raw, cooked and dried sweet potato leaves (matembele) with purple (PMSPL) and green (GMSPL) midrib.