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  • noun

Synonyms for midnight

twelve o'clock


  • twelve o'clock
  • middle of the night
  • dead of night
  • twelve o'clock at night
  • the witching hour

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12 o'clock at night

References in classic literature ?
It was the Innkeeper who had come to tell him that midnight had struck.
Toward midnight the Crusader came floating down the river in a boat, with his trusty cross-bow in his hands.
Tradition says that during several centuries the spirit of the unfortunate girl sang nightly from the cave at midnight, but the music carried no curse with it; and although many listened for the mysterious sounds, few were favored, since only those could hear them who had never failed in a trust.
"But it is not midnight," responded the other, showing his watch.
It was five minutes before midnight. As though by common consent, they both crossed to the window and stood looking out into the darkness.
At midnight, people again knocked at the gate of the jail, or rather at the barricade which served in its stead: it was Cornelius van Baerle whom they were bringing.
A 24-hour closure will be in effect from midnight on Sunday for carriageway patching works.
At Mall of the Emirates, shops and food beverage outlets are open until midnight today (May 27) until June 7.
Meanwhile, Mensah confirmed to TVLine that the unwanted hotel development in Midnight will continue in Season 2.
The all-night event, which brought thousands of worshippers to the auditorium, witnessed the performances of the Midnight Crew and the Adegbodu twins.
The timing of public buses (Dubai Bus) during the holiday will be as follows: Main Bus Stations such as Gold Souk will operate from 05:00 am to 00:29 am (past midnight).
If thoughts of Pennywise haven't put you off, tickets for the midnight screening of It (and when we say midnight, just to avoid confusion - that's Thursday night going into Friday morning), tickets can be booked via the link on the ECHO's website.
Nissan Motor Company (NASDAQ: NSANY), a Japan-based automaker, has introduced three new 'Midnight Edition' appearance packages to coincide with the total solar eclipse.
New Delhi [India], June 30 ( ANI ): Ahead of the historic rollout of the Goods and Service Tax (GST) that is scheduled to take effect from midnight, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister M.
oneplus 3t Midnight Black variant was announced a week after the launch of OnePlus 3T colette edition.