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the median plane of the body (or some part of the body)


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For the delivery of therapy for a period of more than a few days, midline IV catheters or PICCs are often used.
Midline catheters are safe and effective, but some clinicians favor PICCs, which have similar insertion costs but added benefits, such as the delivery of toxic drugs that are harmful to peripheral veins and allow for repeated phlebotomy.
For example, if a midline catheter is inserted and later needs to be replaced by a PICC, that would subject the patient to an additional procedure, delay in care, and an increased risk of infection.
Maxillary midline diastema has been defined as a space or gap between two central incisors (1) and it may compromise smile attractiveness and dentofacial harmony (2).
This case presentation shows the treatment of a patient with a minor maxillary midline diastema using removable appliances and elastics.
The tray was then sectioned in half in the midline to create separate the right and left trays.
39.5% of the sample had asymmetric molar relationship, out of which 16.4% had coincident dental midlines and 23.2% had non-coincident dental midlines (Statistically insignificant as p-value was 0.096).
Effect of asymmetric molar and canine relationship had statistically insignificant effect on coincidence of dental midlines. Asymmetric molar and canine relationship is less common than symmetric molar and canine relationship.
Key Words: Asymmetry, Molar relationship, Canine relationship, Dental midlines, Non coincident.
Since her right mandibular incisor will be extracted, her mandibular midline would be centered on the remaining central incisor.
The midline was centered on the middle of the remaining central incisor.
Observable deviation of facial and anterior tooth midlines. J Prosthet Dent 2003; 89:
The relationship of facial anatomic landmarks with midlines of the face and mouth.
The midlines were corrected and acceptable overbite overjet were achieved.
This case report deals with the treatment of a 21 years old male patient who had grossly shifted midline. His chief complaint was the asymmetric appearance of his teeth.