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someone who is neither a highbrow nor a lowbrow

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Mainstream Magazines, Middlebrow Fiction, and Leslie Gordon Barnard's 'The Winter Road.
The border between middlebrow and aesthete was porous.
16) One of the novel's achievements is the survey it conducts of a range of gender experiences during its period (though, like most middlebrow fiction, its class range is predominantly limited to the middle section of society).
The debates feature characters speaking biblical proof-texts against others, or self-incriminating ones, or making caricaturish charges of middlebrow theological astuteness.
CANOGA PARK -- Once ignoring it as the land of sensible shoes and polyester pants, luxury retailers now want to bring an upscale twist to the formerly middlebrow San Fernando Valley.
is a popular novel, mixing adventure with realism and intended for a middlebrow audience, that cannot be accused of triviality because Lombardi prefers social themes and he takes his pen into real life.
Baxter lays it on a bit thick from time to time--there's something grating, for example, in his actual naming of Surrealism in Officer McNally is called to investigate an outbreak of Surrealism on the outskirts of New Jersey, 2005--and his self-conscious intellectualism (an avowedly middle-class trait) occasionally descends from bracingly high-minded to smugly middlebrow.
The crux of Russia at Play is that new technologies of mass production and distribution led to changes in leisure time activities framed within the notions of disposable time and income; that new patterns of consumption empowered the new and diverse middle classes to impose their middlebrow tastes (especially melodrama) upon urban colleagues; and that the transformation of recreation allowed "those who partook" to satisfy (newly aroused?
It certainly could never be called literary, or even middlebrow, but that is not to say that it lacks artistry.
GOMEZ (1998) The band's Bring It On debut album captured the authentic sound of middlebrow white British blues.
Woolf detaches class position from such categories, as well as identifying the problem as middlebrow culture, driven by profit and characterized by mass production and consumption.
My flip take is that this is a middlebrow play about middle-class people by a middle-aged man.
They were high brow in the classical sense,Bacharach middlebrow, while pop is definitely lowbrow.
Under the middlebrow reign of the 20th century, cultural consumers yielded power to elite gatekeepers in exchange for the status to be gained by becoming "well rounded.
The middlebrow, bourgeois audience--the reading public for novels--could not stomach such a book.