middle-aged man

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a man who is roughly between 45 and 65 years old

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Tulkinghorn gets up, adjusts his spectacles, puts on his hat, puts the manuscript in his pocket, goes out, tells the middle-aged man out at elbows, "I shall be back presently.
Here it is," said he, "written with a J pen on royal cream paper by a middle-aged man with a weak constitution.
The middle-aged man turned out to be a prodigious personage -- no less a one than the county judge -- altogether the most august creation these children had ever looked upon -- and they wondered what kind of material he was made of -- and they half wanted to hear him roar, and were half afraid he might, too.
She looks with agony in the face of the man who has bought her,--a respectable middle-aged man, of benevolent countenance.
He is a middle-aged man, much sunburned, and has been a convict.
He was a stout, ruddy, middle-aged man, well dressed; three days before, he must have been walking the world, a man of considerable consequence.
The library door opened, and a slender, middle-aged man, weak-eyed and eye glassed, entered.
The person thus described was a middle-aged man, with a prematurely wrinkled face, with prematurely white hair and with something of a military look about him--brief in speech, and quick in manner.
When Will Hurley, a middle-aged man who clerked in a drug store and who also belonged to the church, offered to walk home with her she did not protest.
On an evening in the latter part of May a middle-aged man was walking homeward from Shaston to the village of Marlott, in the adjoining Vale of Blakemore or Blackmoor.
A steady, respectable, middle-aged man, too, on the face of him -- all facts which led me to believe that he had been a sergeant.
The middle-aged man suffered significant head injuries after being knocked down by a a car.
STRESSFREE Middle-aged man who is happy in his body.
15pm on Monday, the middle-aged man was left uninjured.
The middle-aged man from the Midlands had pleaded guilty to 12 charges of the defilement of a child.