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some point in the air

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To suspend a paper clip in midair, we started by tying one end of the thread to the paper clip and the other end to a chair.
Scientists have been able to use sound waves to levitate objects in midair before, but the new method allows them to manipulate objects midair without touching them, Fox News reported.
A review of the causal factors for midairs and NMACs reveal that failure to adhere to procedures, directions, and/or instructions; poor or incomplete communications; poor coordination; complacency; bad scanning techniques; and failure to adequately train or supervise personnel are cited most often.
QUARTZ HILL -- An Illinois fan of NASA pilot Joe Walker, who flew to the edges of space before his 1966 death in a midair collision, is seeking to put a scale replica of Walker's X-15 rocket plane in front of the Quartz Hill school that bears his name.
Once Shaun is in midair, the friction between his shoe soles and the upward-pushing skateboard helps keep the board snug to his feet.
Product X still has some side effects; these include making Esteban shrink, float in midair and dance uncontrollably to bad song lyrics.
The ultimate reality event, The Wedding Journey: Vows in MidAir, gave new meaning to the concept of weddings as elaborate productions.
When you succeed in ignoring their dependence on the gallery ceiling and walls--they're suspended midair by steel or aluminum rods that are light but still a little too clunky--the works take on a sense of circuitry or plumbing liberated from its host body or structure.
The search and rescue medical technician rappelled from the Sea King to the victim and assisted him while suspended in midair, because the ledge wasn't big enough for two people.
One huge piece, a rumbling mass of three bison weighing nearly 5000 lb, appears to be suspended in midair over a man-made cliff.
rockets race toward the nuclear missile and destroy it harmlessly in midair.
One talented snake even avoided a tree in midair, he reports.
The Tupolev exploded in midair and crashed into the Black Sea 190 kilometers south of Sochi on Thursday afternoon.
A Russian commercial jetliner with 77 people on board exploded in midair on Thursday and crashed into the Black Sea in an accident that has triggered fear of a suicide terror attack as well as unconfirmed reports of a mistaken missile hit.