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the middle part of the afternoon

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WAYNE EASTBURN / The Register-Guard Clouds start to blot out the sun at midafternoon Sunday and reflect off the Coast Fork Willamette River at the Howard Buford Recreation Area southeast of Eugene.
Decreased alertness in midafternoon appears to be a natural phenomenon-simply part of the circadian rhythms that affect us all.
Officials estimate flights could be delayed about six minutes during the airport's morning, midafternoon and evening rush hours, although the wait could stretch to nearly a half-hour during fog.
Tokyo shares continued to rise Wednesday in the midafternoon, with the broader Tokyo Stock Price Index (TOPIX) topping the 1,000 line for the first time since July 2002.
differs from the period of highest rural ozone levels, which ranges from midafternoon to near midnight.
By midafternoon, a Stage 2 alert was called in which customers reduced their power in exchange for lower rates.
Moreover, he found that the potential follows a diurnal cycle, peaking (usually with a positive polarity) in midafternoon and dropping to low values at night.
But by midafternoon Monday, Haueter said that lines to the soccer field were redrawn to extend onto the softball field.
A participant slips into the Acacia kitchen in the midafternoon and dons a crisp, white chef's jacket already embroidered with his or her name.
The California Highway Patrol issued a weather advisory at midafternoon Friday recommending that campers, trailers and big rigs avoid the Antelope Valley, said CHP Officer Dave Porter in the Los Angeles Traffic Management Center.
Between midnight and midafternoon Wednesday, an additional 0.
50 inch fell by midafternoon Tuesday, bringing rainfall since July 1 to 3.
By midafternoon, the fire had grown so large, authorities established a second heli-base in Camarillo.
65 of an inch by midafternoon Tuesday in Palmdale and .
Candidates who filed by midafternoon for the two council seats included Palmdale School District trustee Tom Lackey; Planning Commission Chairmam John Mayfield; Stephen Knight, son of the late state Senator W.