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the middle part of March

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82bn in between mid-March 2012 and mid-March 2013 on gold, marking a rise of 90.
At least 24,270 civilians (armed and unarmed), 8510 deserters and 1261 soldiers were killed in the violence in Syria" between mid-March 2011 and 18 October 2012, said the president of the SOHR Rami Abdel Rahman.
8%, Gallup's mid-March unadjusted unemployment rate is down by 0.
Bahraini security forces quelled a month-long protest in mid-March, driving demonstrators out of Manama's Pearl Square, the focal point of protests inspired by the Arab Spring.
The state of national safety, the emergency laws declared in mid-March following weeks of political turmoil, is also to be lifted on June 1, two weeks ahead of schedule.
In Ontario, Manitoba's eastern neighbor and Canada's largest province, the major recycling news this year is the grand opening in mid-March of the largest integrated recycling plant in Canada in the Peel region, which covers the western part of the Greater Toronto area.
Four people have been killed on freeways across Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties since mid-March.
After mid-March, Dole was legally unable to spend much for months.
The AFL-CIO filed a case in mid-March with the Office of the U.
Secretary-General Kofi Annan said in mid-March that he was sending a U.
After enough cheap thrills to last anyone a lifetime, mid-March sees you eager to visit an exotic spot known as your soul.
Based On: Talent, grade point average Audition Required Number Awarded: Not specified Application Deadline: Mid-March
Valdez's vehicle was towed at the direction of the couple's former landlord in mid-March or thereabouts.
The Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) was established in mid-March at Pensacola, Fla.
By mid-March only 400 residents had gone back to their homes.
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