micturition reflex

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relaxation of the urethral sphincter in response to increased pressure in the bladder

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The normal micturition reflex involves switching from inhibition of the voiding reflex and activation of storage reflexes to inhibition of the storage reflexes and activation of the voiding reflex--and back again.
In a recent study, the oral administration of a phytotherapeutic drug, eviprostat suppressed CYP-induced bladder overactivity in rats and it was suggested that the effects of eviprostat on the micturition reflex may be irrespective of antimus-carinic action (Kobayashi et al.
There is, however, a micturition reflex that operates purely at the Level of the sacral spinal cord.
Effect of several 5-hydroxytryptamine(1A) receptor ligands on the micturition reflex in rats: comparison with WAY 100635.