micturition reflex

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relaxation of the urethral sphincter in response to increased pressure in the bladder

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In 1992, Harada proved that dexmedetomidine inhibits the micturition reflex activated by high bladder volume in rats (16).
Role of dopamine D1 and D2 receptors in the micturition reflex in conscious rats.
Hence, the micturition reflex is best divided into two discrete phases, i.
While no single set of data or hypothesis explains all involuntary contractions or occurrences of urgency/frequency, four concepts seem to be valid: 1) patients with OAB have faulty central inhibition, which leads to enhancement of excitatory neurotransmission in the micturition reflex pathway (neurogenic); 2) there is partial denervation of smooth muscle, which leads to co-ordinated myogenic contractions and increased bladder pressure (myogenic); 3) there is a "leaking" of acetylcholine from parasympathetic nerves during filling/storage, which leads to afferent activation (neurogenic-myogenic); and 4) abnormal signals originating in the urothelium are influenced by generation and release of local mediators (e.
1999) that disrupts central nervous system regulation of the micturition reflex resulting in dyscoordination of the detrusor muscles of the bladder and the external urethral sphincter muscles.
Also, silymarin treatment causes a significant restoration on the micturition reflex during cystometry under anaesthesia without affecting bladder voiding function in CYP-injected rats.