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The symptoms were micturition frequency and incontinence episodes (the co-primary endpoints of the SCORPIO study), each of which had five levels of severity (Table 1).
Direct projections from the periaqueductal gray to the pontine micturition center (M-region).
Females in prepubertal age group presented with white coloured or clear discharge associated with pain abdomen and burning micturition.
Observation at micturition revealed that blood was voided at end of micturition.
The patients were instructed to provide the first urine of the day or at least wait for one hour after micturition before sampling, to allow potential bacteria to accumulate in the urethra.
Moreover, we found that the interval of micturition was shorter in BOO rats than in sham rats.
Patient presented with left lion pain and burning micturition.
Overt urinary retention is defined as the inability to void spontaneously within 6 hours of delivery, and covert urinary retention is defined as a post-void residual bladder volume of [greater than or equal to] 150 mL after spontaneous micturition.
When inquired further he told that he had lost major part of his penile shaft and was urinating through a sub-dorsal urethral fistula and had painful micturition and a poor stream.
In fact, the latter had me in stitches to such an extent that I was in danger of involuntary micturition.
Additionally, women saw mean reductions in micturition ranging from 2.
A neurogenic bladder can be defined as a dysfunctinal urinary bladder caused by disease of the central nervous system or peripheral nerves involved in the control of micturition (urination).
Serotonin inhibits ureteral peristalsis as well as micturition by interfering with spinal reflexes, primarily through 5-HT3 receptor agonism.