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1st desire to micturate (ml)###1230.00 473.62###944.90 300.74###0.019*
The patient was able to micturate voluntarily and catheter was removed on the 10th day following cellular therapy.
Animal did not take feed and water and did not micturate normally.
Beckett lists the symptoms of anxiety neurosis ("Air-hunger, larval attacks, palpitation, vertigo, sudden hunger, sweating, imperative desire to micturate & defaecate, feelings of suffocation.
Mailer begins formally, by referring to his "overwhelming urge to micturate." Becoming even more grand, he looks forward to micturation, he continues, "with all the anticipations of liberty which this Gotterddmmerung of a urination would soon provide" But he concludes vulgarly (and alliteratively) that he might be "a fool who peed in the wrong pot" (29-31).
Kreutziger, Frankenberger, Luger, Richard and Zbinden (2010), Keita et al., (2005), Pavlin, Pavlin, Gunn, Taraday & Koerschgen (1999), define urinary retention as a bladder volume greater than 600mls together with the inability to micturate within 30 minutes and this has been embedded in the guidelines.
A train doesn't depart from London, it "disembogues." Racing pundits exhale mist "into the frore Midlands night." Freddy wipes "freezing moisture from his pate." And returning to those adverbs, James stops to allow his dog to "officially micturate"--only this time the adverb works but the verb is too fine.