microwave oven

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kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it


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The microwave oven market primarily includes three main types of ovens which include convection, grill and solo microwave oven.
Geographically, North America accounts for the highest revenue generating region in the global microwave oven market.
David Watts, general manager for Samsung Professional Appliances, says as budgets get tighter, it is essential to maximise the life of every piece of equipment, including microwave ovens.
As far as microwave ovens are concerned, the UAE has passed a law that will ensure these products are safe for the consumers.
We are upgrading our website to be more dynamic and interactive giving a chance to people to see and have access to all the registered brands and models of microwave oven that have complied with our standard," Badri said.
But that is by the way, as it's the horrors that may be unleashed by microwave ovens that concerns us today.
The uneven distribution of heat could lead to the survival of pathogens in contaminated food cooked in microwave ovens.
Under normal conditions of use, shallow and wide open steel and aluminium containers are safe to be used in microwave ovens.
Cook, uncovered, on microwave-safe plate, in microwave oven on high power 12 to 16 minutes or until soft when pierced with a fork.
There, they consumed milk and vegetables prepared in the microwave oven and in other ways.
The trim kits and customization options incorporated into this new microwave oven allow for a broader range of practical and aesthetically pleasing uses.
The 120-gram open faced hot sandwich, initially being offered with five different toppings, comes out crisp after only two minutes of microwave oven heating.
Whether it's smelling that burnt popcorn cooked 30 seconds too long, searing your tongue on coffee that has been "warmed up," or watching in horror as that plastic container holding your leftover lasagna starts to warp and melt, we all have undergone mishaps with that modern convenience called a microwave oven.
Q The most technologically advanced thing my parents own is a microwave oven.
In the center, the Internet refrigerator, a microwave oven and a rice cooker are built into the kitchen wall to provide more space.
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