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Synonyms for microwave

a short electromagnetic wave (longer than infrared but shorter than radio waves)

kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it

Related Words

cook or heat in a microwave oven

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Its latest offering is a line of six Vegetable Meal Bowls, each of which is sold in a microwavable container with a colorful label on top that identifies product variety, key ingredients, and usage copy such as "Steams in bowl, just add sauce!" Also pictured is a mouthwatering image of a product serving next to the legendary Green Giant character.
Microwavable Toasted Quinoa will be available online at shop.iheartkeenwah.com or Amazon starting this fall, and will roll out in select retailers nationwide in September.
Details of the products affected are the Microwavable Heated Hugs which have a product number of 271192
The Swansea-based manufacturer, which supplies own-brand microwavable rice and grain products to supermarkets across the UK and Europe, will be opening the new site next year.
This kosher-certified seasonal product is microwavable and retails in a 10.2-oz.
Serves 1 1 large egg 1 tbsp milk 1 slice of ham, cut into pieces 1 small tortilla/wrap 2 tbsp grated cheese 1 Spray a microwavable bowl with a little oil.
For example, Mars Ireland Ltd launched a microwavable wholegrain rice and quinoa product under its Uncle Ben's brand, in 2015, which is designed to cater to more health conscious consumers.
The report shows that the search for convenience is one of the key factors as to why microwavable food continues to be a huge trend--despite consumers growing increasingly aware of healthy eating.
For example Bibigo's frozen Steamed Vegetable Dumplings are very easy to cook and are microwavable requiring only two minutes, making them healthy and convenient.
The line is a shelf-stable microwavable breakfast that has real eggs.
HARDYS ANNIVERSARY CHARDONNAY VIOGNIER WAS PS8.99 NOW PS5.99 AT WAITROSE UNTIL MAY 21 'Peaches and apricots with an almost buttery finish' INNOCENT NOODLE POTS PS3.79 Microwavable pots of Asian street food-inspired noodles, each packed with veggies in spicy(ish) sauce.
Scientists at Louisiana State University examined what effects modified atmospheres would have on the volatile compounds, fatty and amino acids, color and textural quality of oyster meat stored on microwavable trays for 180 days under frozen conditions.
The lid is heat-tolerant, microwavable, freezer-to-microwave ready and recyclable in streams that collect polypropylene.
"We've found that anything microwavable does exceptionally well," he says.
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