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a unit of potential equal to one millionth of a volt

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Microvolt T-wave alternans physiological basis, methods of measurement, and clinical utility-consensus guideline by International Society for Holter and noninvasive Electrocardiology.
Units: Ms: Milliseconds; [micro]V: Microvolt; m/s: Meters per second.
The amplitude of the nystagmus measured in microvolts will be directly dependent on the intensity of the existing corneoretinal potential.
Microvolt T-wave alternans amplifies spatial dispersion of repolarization in human subjects with ischemic cardiomyopathy.
The 5-200 microvolts actual recorded EOG eye potential requires further amplification for processing.
The present study was based upon the observation that geomagnetic storm conditions influenced microvolt fluctuations within coronal sections of fixed human brain tissue.
The sensitivity of the sensor was verified by successfully measuring the EEG and ECG signals in the microvolt range.
"First, it allows microvolt signal detection and processing that was very difficult previously.
We measured the latency of N20 and P25 components (ms), N20-P25 and P25-N35 amplitudes (microvolt), and observed the C reflex when present.
3.33 [+ or -] 1.18 0.986 <0.001 <0.001 ([micro]V) POAG: Primary open-angle glaucoma, OHT: Ocular hypertension, VF: Visual field, MD: Mean deviation, PSD: Pattern standard deviation, dB: Decibel, RNFL: Retinal nerve fiber layer, GCC: Ganglion cell complex, FLV: Focal loss volume, GLV: Global loss volume, PERG: Pattern electroretinogram, [micro]V: Microvolt, [micro]m: Micrometer, ms: Millisecond, p1-3: P values derived from paired correlation analysis by Tukey's HSD test between primary open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension groups (p1), primary open-angle glaucoma and control groups (p2), and ocular hypertension and control groups (p3) Table 2.
Amplitude was measured as the [mu]V (microvolt) deflection from the baseline to peak, and latency was measured as time in ms from stimulus presentation to peak.
SCD in Patients with Cardiomyopathy: Use of Microvolt T-wave Alternans and Other Noninvasive Tests for Risk Stratification and Prevention of SCD.
In muscle tension-based biofeedback, the therapist places electrodes above targeted muscles and measures the intensity of muscle activity in microvolts ([micro]V) (microvolt intensity increases when a muscle activates and decreases when it relaxes).
Burattini, "Comparative analysis of methods for automatic detection and quantification of microvolt T-wave alternans," Medical Engineering and Physics, vol.