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a microscopically small tubule

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Evidence that phosphorylation of the microtubule-associated protein Tau by SAPK4/ p38delta at Thr50 promotes microtubule assembly.
Located within dendrites and axonal projections, microtubules serve as tracks for the transportation of post-Golgi vesicles by microtubule bound motor proteins (such as kinesin and dynein).
In this way, it would destabilize microtubule assembly, cargo and samurai proteins dynamicity (such as dynein, cofactor dynactin, kinesin, and samurai protein katanin), vesicle transport.
gigas eggs using electron microscopy and immunofluorescent techniques for the observation of DNA and microtubule organization, only from meiosis through metaphase of mitosis I.
Oryzalin, a microtubule inhibitor, blocks microtubule assembly but not ongoing disassembly, causing microtubule depolymerization.
2012), we attempted to reconcile the astral microtubule and central spindle models in echinoderm embryos by examining the requirement for, and distribution of, the centralspindlin (tracked via anti-MKLP1 localization) and CPC (tracked via anti-Survivin localization) complexes during early division cycles.
Based on its expertise in providing targeted extracellular signals with high specificity for the regulation of microtubule dynamics and associated proteins like DCAMKL1, Histide has created an innovative platform of nonmutagenic extracellular therapeutic agents called Cell Recoding Molecules (CRMs) with the capacity to dictate the precise commitment of various cell types.
2+] and cAMP on the flagellar movement and the microtubule sliding were investigated to clarify the microtubule sliding mechanism underlying the characteristic flagellar movement of the hyperactivated spermatozoa.
However, this study found that microtubules could additionally develop from the chromosomes themselves, or at arbitrary sites throughout the main body of the cell, if the centrosomes were missing.
Our 3D observation of metaphase spindles that self-organized in Xenopus egg extracts revealed that spindle shape and microtubule density were constant irrespective of spindle size, whereas spindle size was correlated with the microtubule amount.
As we now know, this very striking example is only one manifestation of the coordination of microtubule organization with the control of division plane in bryophyte meiosis.
With SCI, Taxol stabilizes microtubule structure after injury in a way that increases the regenerative potential of damaged neuronal axons.
An effective and validated target for tumor chemotherapeutic agents is the microtubule cytoskeleton.
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