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a microscopically small tubule

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The large size of the sporocytes and numerous oil globules make preparations difficult but the microtubule systems of meiosis can nevertheless be studied adequately, especially in partially lysed cells.
Stages in development of this new microtubule complex (Fig.
Bandyopadhyay's NIMS group found that microtubules have remarkable electronic conductive properties when excited at certain specific resonant frequencies, e.
The kinetochore is a large multi-subunit and multi-copy protein complex that bridges mitotic chromosomes with spindle microtubules.
Fueled by chemical energy, the protein uses the two heads to "walk" along microtubules, which form an inner scaffold in cells.
The scientists also made the microtubules of the host cells glow a deep red by incorporating another fluorescent prorein into their building blocks.
Hellerstein, Changes in microtubule turnover accompany synaptic plasticity and memory formation in response to contextual fear conditioning in mice, Neuroscience, Volume 168, Issue 1, 16 June 2010, Pages 167-178, ISSN 0306-4522, DOI: 10.
Applying computer-based image analysis routines will allow me to quantify centrosome motion and microtubule tip dynamics.
Guikai Wu, a researcher from the University of California, Irvine who developed these antibodies and has recently published his results in Molecular and Cellular Biology ("Hice1, a Novel Microtubule-Associated Protein Required for Maintenance of Spindle Integrity and Chromosomal Stability in Human Cells") and Molecular Biology of the Cell ("Hec1 Contributes to Mitotic Centrosomal Microtubule Growth for Proper Spindle Assembly through Interaction with Hice1").
Indibulin is a novel synthetic anti-mitotic agent that binds to tubulin, destabilizes microtubule polymerization, arrests tumor cell growth at the G2/M phase and inhibits cell mobility and metastasis.
The traffic signs on this microtubule network are chemical additions such as acetylation marks.
Given their primary role in cell division, microtubules have been an important target for anticancer drugs -- often referred to as tubulin inhibitors or microtubule targeting agents.
Antibody-maytansinoid conjugates affect microtubule morphology and suppress microtubule dynamics in live cells" (abstract #1403).
Craddock et al calculate enormous information capacity at low energy cost, demonstrate microtubule-associated protein logic gates, and show how patterns of phosphorylated tubulins in microtubules can control neuronal functions by triggering axonal firings, regulating synapses, and traversing scale.
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