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a microscopically small tubule

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Microtubular network is fundamental component of cytoskeleton essential for intracellular transport of secretory vesicles and organelles (i.
accumulation of tubulin and microtubular cytoskeleton are induced during seed imbibition and that cell division may occur as a post-germination phenomenon with radicle protrusion occurring by cell elongation, or as a pre-germination phenomena (DE CASTRO et al.
Microstructured polymer optical fiber [29], which consists of microtubular inside a polymer fiber similar to the photonic crystal fiber [30] is also attentioned greatly due to simple fabrication technique, but the size of the pores and spacings in the polymer fiber are generally in micrometre- or submicrometre-scale for optical guiding.
Neuronal plasticity, stress and depression: Involvement of the cytoskeletal microtubular system?
Proper organization of the microtubular cytoskeleton during meiotic and mitotic divisions is essential for the formation of high quality, viable pollen grains.
En la EDCL, los fragmentos de Ig tipicamente tipo kappa (70-85% de casos informados), se acumulan con una conformacion desorganizada granular, que no corresponde a la forma de deposito cristalino que se observa en el "rinon de mieloma", fibrilar en la amiloidosis ni microtubular en la GIT (12).
We hypothesize that the exercise of the muscle most likely starts to remodel the cytoskeleton, including the microtubular network, toward a more normal phenotype.
The microtubular manchette around the elongating nucleus observed in the R.
However, if the nanoparticles are accumulated in the brain, which can be caused due to the malfunction of iron metabolism in brain cells and due to the improper conservation of iron in a protein called ferritin, the abovementioned interaction may be damaged, and nanoparticles connect with microtubules and tau protein, which results in the instability of microtubular polymers.
The characteristic hematological finding is massive lysosomal inclusions in all white cells, formed via a combined process of fusion, cytoplasmic injury, and phagocytosis due to a microtubular defect (3).
Moreover, the multifunctionality of the Lab-in-a-tube platform will be extended by integrating different modules into a single microtubular unit, bringing up several applications such as optofluidics(bio)sensors, electrodes for electrochemical control and sensing, and magnetic biodetection.
Otro academico importante dentro de la rama de MC y cerebro es Jack Tuszynski, profesor de fisica de la Universidad de Alberta, Canada, quien ha centrado sus investigaciones en la dinamica de las proteinas y la funcion microtubular, constituyendose como uno de los principales colegas de Hameroff.