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a microscopically small tubule

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In support of this hypothesis counts the fact that the ig1 mutation affects the nucleus and the microtubular cytoskeleton of the cells in the embryo sac (Huang & Sheridan, 1996) in a way similar to that described for stress treatments in induced microspores (reviewed in Maraschin et al.
The diagnosis is not made until hollow microtubular or cylindrical structures measuring 10 to 90 nm (most commonly more than 30 nm) in diameter without periodicity or substructure are documented ultrastructurally to be present, predominantly in the mesangium but also possibly subendothelially and in other glomerular locations (Figure 26, B).
Long term alcohol consumption induces microtubular changes in the adult rat cerebellar cortex.
Additional potential mechanisms include toxic effects of acetaldehyde on acinar cells, induction of microtubular dysfunction and oxidative stress, as well as uncoupling of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation (16).
A reduction in energy-dependent amino acid transport by microtubular inhibitors in Ehrlich ascites tumor cells.
It is caused by the lack of dynein arms that is normally link microtubular doublets (Afzelius et al.
Cross section of the cilia showed "9+2" microtubular structure of approximately 200 nm in diameter (Fig.
2+] and where possible impediments to the kink motion, polymerization, and microtubular caps are taken into account.
Vitamin manufacturers who have been considering the use of microtubular halloysite as an ingestible product have also approached the company.
In general, flagella and cilia of eukaryotes show an axoneme composed of a 9 + 2 microtubular pattern.
Pictures of living cells infected with HIV were taken under a microscope at intervals as short as 15 seconds, creating a movie of the viruses' activities as they traversed the microtubular highway toward their destination in the nucleus.
Birbeck granules are microtubular structures shaped like tennis rackets.
accumulation is associated with the activation of lipolytic and proteolytic enzymes, the breakdown of the microtubular structures, and enhanced catabolism.