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scientific instrument that cuts thin slices of something for microscopic examination

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It appears that using current FGD to analyze lead slices produced with a microtome should provide the optimum assay method for LAL.
The specific goals of our study were: (a) to quantify interorgan variability in HIC; (b) to quantify total intraorgan variability in HIC; (c) to estimate the components of total intraorgan variability attributable to local variability (measurements within 5 mm of each other) and to remote variability (measurements 3-5 cm apart); (d) to determine whether remote variability is statistically significant; and (e) to quantify the influence of sampling method (biopsy-sized versus microtome sections) on HIC variability.
Observation of morphology of QA QA vulcanizate was frozen in liquid nitrogen, and then sliced by microtome.
Consumables: microtome blades, paraffin, solvents, slides-coverlips, slide labels, tissue cassettes, mounting media
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation, Testing and training of semi automatic microtome to svims,tirupati in andhra pradesh with 3 years warranty
Supply of (a) microtome instrument for the pathology laboratory, also (b) a breathing instrument for children in two lots.
In this study, a point-of-care protocol for rapid tissue processing and field microtome sectioning was developed and tested using portable lightweight equipment.
Bringing the convenience of on-demand slide printing directly to the microtome, the SlideMate's small footprint (about the size of a toaster) enables it to be integrated at workstations or put on shelves on top of workstations.
The most important criterion for evaluating a microtome is its ease-of-use.
Contract notice: Lf hk - Acquisition of a genetic analyzer and a motorized rotational microtome
Supply of (a) instruments for the Dental Medicine Division, also (b) a Microtome Pathology Unit in two lots.
Printing slides on the IPS Slide Printer reduces human error, while sectioning with the RM2255 fully automated microtome improves consistency.
Samples from the core were impregnated with paraffin and used to make oriented microtome sections, which could then be analyzed with a microscope.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Automated microtome
This fully automatic rotary microtome meets users' highest expectations for fully motorized sectioning of paraffin and plastic embedded specimens.