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surgery using operating microscopes and miniaturized precision instruments to perform intricate procedures on very small structures

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An overview of periodontal microsurgery. Curr Opin Periodontol.
With the help of additional ophthalmologists from the US, the authors describe the art and science of ophthalmic microsurgery, the basis for microsurgical craftsmanship, and how to apply specific tools and understand the physical forces and tissue reactions involved.
He said the microsurgery, done under a microscope, took nine hours.
CBS News reported that the child was rushed to Children's Hospital, where doctors performed an eight-hour emergency microsurgery. During the operation, the baby needed six blood transfusions.
Losee says microsurgery advances every day, but it's risky.
O'BRIEN, B.M., 1990, The role of microsurgery in modern surgery, Ann Plast Surg, 24:258267.
London, Feb 1 ( ANI ): Adele, who had to undergo a throat microsurgery last November, is set to make her live comeback at next month's Grammy Awards.
The service will be led by Professor Simon Kay, consultant plastic surgeon and an expert in delicate microsurgery and reconstruction.
There is good news, too: microsurgery can increase testosterone levels in these men.
Using both normal and mutant salamanders, Brun performed microsurgery on pairs of embryos very early in their development.
Gould specializes in hand, microsurgery, and reconstructive foot and ankle surgery.
Material is in sections on fractures and dislocations of the digits and the thumb, the pediatric hand, nerve disorders, tendon surgery, elective and traumatic microsurgery and amputations, and arthritis, Dupuytren's disease, and infections.
Contraceptive counselors do not recommend tubal sterilization to women seeking a reversible form of contraception, because reversal, which requires removal of the damaged section of the tube and exacting microsurgery to reconnect it, frequently doesn't work.