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surgery using operating microscopes and miniaturized precision instruments to perform intricate procedures on very small structures

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Plastic and reconstructive surgery service specialized in surgery and hand and upper extremity microsurgery, standing and lower extremity, head and neck in the city of barcelona.
Microsurgery was introduced in the specialty of periodontics in 1992.
He said the microsurgery, done under a microscope, took nine hours.
Adult men with a varicocele and low testosterone also should consider microsurgery sooner rather than later, indicates Goldstein.
Periodontal microsurgery is defined as refinements in existing basic surgical techniques that are made possible by the use of the surgical microscope and subsequent improved visual acuity.
Microsurgery is often used to operate on tissue such as nerves and blood vessels and on small structures in the eye, middle ear and reproductive system.
Doctors have suggested that adult men with a varicocele and low testosterone should consider microsurgery sooner rather than later.
We will both make surgeries and give microsurgery training to Pakistani doctors, he said.
Despite press reports that Christofias was due to have microsurgery to open a blood vessel, government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou said the president was in the UK for medical tests and would be back on Sunday.
SURGEONS in a Pakistan hospital have begun carrying out complex microsurgery on disfigured patients after receiving vital equipment from a Welsh hospital.
The company's units make devices for microsurgery and surgical tools for hospitals as well as tissue repair products.
Currently we've been able to make breast tissue, fat muscle, pancreas tissues that produce insulin, and also sinus tissue," team leader Wayne Morrison, a professor from the Bernard O'Brien Institute of Microsurgery, told The Australian newspaper.
Kamler is a surgeon in metropolitan New York City who specializes in microsurgery on the hand.
Caprosyn suture is contraindicated in cardiovascular and neurological surgery, microsurgery, and ophthalmic surgery.
The SCS microsurgery sterilization case shown here is one of seven designs that can safely organize ENT, Microsurgery, and small instrument sets.