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in non-flowering plants, a sporophyll that bears only microsporangia

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Microsporophyll lamina firm, not dorsiventrally thickened, 43-60
microsporophyll character but differs in having narrower pinnae that are
highly glossy leaves, more attenuate microsporophyll apices and reduced
Microsporophylls aggregated into determinate cones and bearing numerous
microsporophylls, pectinate megasporophyll apices, glabrous ovules, and
Pollen strobili compound, terminal, in groups of 1-5, erect, quickly becoming pendulous, 3-7(-12) cm long; microsporophylls 8-10, dorsiventral, peltate, hyposporangiate, each bearing 3-5(-8) sporangia.
Pollen strobili axillary, erect or horizontal, compound, 5-10 clustered together on a 1-2 cm subterminal portion of the branchlet, 0.5 cm long when closed to 1.3 cm long when open for pollen dispersal; microsporophylls 1-5, radially symmetrical, perisporangiate, each bearing 2-4 closely united sporangia.
Pollen strobili axillary, simple (or at least appearing so), 2-3 x 2-3 mm; with 8 spreading, decussate ovate or obovate, sterile scales below and 2 sterile scales among the microsporophylls; microsporophylls 10, perisporangiate (rarely hyposporangiate near strobilus apex), radially symmetrical, peltate, each with (2-)4-6 united sporangia.
10; microsporophylls 6-14, perisporangiate, radially symmetrical, peltate, each bearing 4-9 microsporangia.
Taxus differs from Torreya in its obviously alternate leaves and open red aril; from Pseudotaxus by its red aril, lack of sterile scales among the microsporophylls, and fewer scales subtending the ovule; from Austrotaxus by its simple pollen strobili and smaller leaves; and from Amentotaxus by its alternate leaves and simple, axillary pollen strobili.