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a plant structure that produces microspores

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trunk, large microsporangiate cones, and seeds distinguish this species
microsporangiate cones with a slender apical spine on its
Microsporangiate cones fusiform, yellow, 12-14 cm long, 3-4 cm diam.
microsporangiate cones on long peduncles with rounded microsporophylls
slender petiolar spines, and larger microsporangiate cones with rounded
microsporangiate cones, loose, freely peeling sarcotesta lacking a
microsporangiate cones with distinct short, slender spines on the
microsporangiate cones with mostly nonspinescent microsporophylls.
Its subterranean habit, small, soft microsporangiate
Microsporangiate cones ovoid, yellow or green, 30-55 cm long, 16-22 cm
Distinguishing features: The very large, ovoid microsporangiate