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organisms sharing a specified genotype or the genotype (or peculiarities) so shared

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The hybrid origin of microspecies in the Elymus glaucus complex.
Vavrek, unpublished manuscript), disturbance regimes (Solbrig and Simpson 1974), nutrients (Oosterveld 1983), and germination conditions (Van Loenhoud and Duyts 1981) have been shown to contribute to the preservation of diverse Taraxacum genotypes and microspecies.
Some evidence to support the occurrence of endophyte microspecies complexes centered around sexually-reproducing species of Epichloe.
Luxury uptake and specific utilization rates of three macroelements in two Taraxacum microspecies of contrasting mineral ecology.
Some 2000 Ruderalia microspecies have been described, which are all apomictic (also called agamospermous) triploids (2n = 24).
These genera are taxonomically intricate encompassing many microspecies difficult to identify.