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any device that receives a signal or stimulus (as heat or pressure or light or motion etc

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Army Special Forces emplaced hundreds of pebble-sized, ultra-low-power unattended radio frequency, acoustic, and seismic microsensors in the nearby city's underground catacombs, tunnels, and sewers.
Using microsensors, we determine the capacity of tree hollows to buffer extreme temperatures and humidity fluctuations.
Second, the microsensor is designed for fixing on the vessel (outside) that completely eliminates dangerous cardiovascular complications and allows to operate for a long-term basis (for at least 5 yrs).
Lakso went to see Stroock, and the two began to design a microsensor to meet Lakso's goals.
The waveform and power spectral density from the optical microsensor with and without the automatic tuning for an input of 40 kHz sinusoidal wave propagated through rock specimen is shown in Fig.
One key to the realization of ambient intelligence is the development of software and hardware technology platforms incorporating three-dimensional (3-D) stacking, multichip and microsensor integration, thin and flexible substrates, active polymeric materials, smart materials and, ultimately, micro-nano systems.
Microsensor testing on the CWAs was performed at the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC), a Department of Defense facility at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.
Signal Technology demonstrated a pilot microsensor network in March as part of an earlier, $4.
The TTC has research projects and collaborations currently under way or recently completed in a wide range of topics, such as: directional drill steel fatigue testing; rapid ground settlement prediction for microtunneling; prediction of the long-term behavior of pipe liners; liner design for gas applications; microsensor development for pipeline assessment; impact of liner defects on flow calculations; and public bid cost data for trenchless methods.
The present study demonstrates that a self-referencing microsensor can detect [H.
Outputs from each microsensor would be converted to pixels in a combined video image.
The devices will in the next two years be part of a hand-held chemical detection system as well as other integrated microsensor systems.
The recent jump was fueled by the company's presentation this week at an ING Barings Furman Selz conference about its microsensor for monitoring insulin levels, according to Salomon Smith Barney analyst Melissa Wilmoth.
KB partners paid $3 million cash, $5 million in stock, and $3 million in debt for the four companies: MST Measurement Systems, FPM Analytics, MST Microsensor Technologie, and Sensoric.
Methods to quantify NO include those that use the Griess reaction, chemiluminescence, electron spin resonance, oxygen probing, and electrochemical detection using a porphyrin-based microsensor [1].