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Microseisms detected on Earth are usually caused by sloshing waves in oceans caused by storms and the changing of tides.
And although detecting the microseisms is considered a breakthrough, NASA scientists are still waiting for the first marsquake to signify the mission's success.
The InSight has yet to detect any marsquake, but the microseism shows that the lander's seismometer is working.
On November 11-12, the number of microseismic events increased rapidly, a total of 19 microseisms occurred within the surrounding rock within the two-day period, the number of daily microseismic events was greater than that of the previous period, the stress concentration in the rock mass was correspondingly obvious, and an area of large-scale deformation appeared within the rock mass, and this indicated the occurrence of soft rock failure.
The period of time when both the number and the energy of microseisms reach their second peak can be considered the moment of disaster in the soft rock tunnel.
The following subsections briefly introduce 20th-century research on this topic (for detailed, comprehensive reviews, see for microseisms (10) and for seismic hum, (11) for example).
1.1 Microseisms. Observations of microseisms date back to the late 19th century.
A method to estimate phase velocities of Rayleigh waves using microseisms simultaneously observed at two sites, Bull.
These small and short-lived seismic waves are called microseisms and have been known to science for long, but until recently, they were known to occur only as a result of ocean or sea waves.
"We've recently found that the waves on lakes actually generate these microseisms too.
and Ruff, L.J.: 2001, Moment tensor inversion of microseisms from the B-sand propped hydrofracture, M-site, Colorado.
Additionally, ocean waves can cause these microseisms as well by hitting the surf so hard that it causes the ground to move.
Aki, K.: 1965, A note on the use of microseisms in determining the shallow structures of the Earth's crust.
There is very interesting example of seismoacoustic waves which are of nearly identical spectrum, as microseisms propagated in the Earth's solid media (Ponomarev and Sorokin, 1996).
and Naini, B.: 1973, Sea wave origin of microbaroms and microseisms. J.