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2012) Global oceanic microseism sources as seen by seismic arrays and predicted by wave action models.
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We've recently found that the waves on lakes actually generate these microseisms too.
Koper and his colleagues recorded lake microseisms from Yellowstone Lake and three more lakes in China, but they were not the first to record the phenomenon.
Despite that, "lake microseisms emanating from the Great Salt Lake might reach far enough to visualize how seismic waves would move beneath Salt Lake City, which sits on the Wasatch Fault, in a major earthquake.
Another useful piece of information that can be gleaned from lake microseisms relates to the fact that they are caused by waves on the lake's surface.
A method to estimate phase velocities of Rayleigh waves using microseisms simultaneously observed at two sites, Bull.
Additionally, ocean waves can cause these microseisms as well by hitting the surf so hard that it causes the ground to move.
1965, A note on the use of microseisms in determining the shallow structures of the Earth's crust.
There is very interesting example of seismoacoustic waves which are of nearly identical spectrum, as microseisms propagated in the Earth's solid media (Ponomarev and Sorokin, 1996).