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one millionth (10^-6) of a second

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Microseconds can make a difference between rampant spreading or containment of malware; LANenforcer can shut down a worm in 150 microseconds -- at least 20 times faster than alternative products.
Pulse widths from 25 to 8,750 microseconds (maximum pulse width varies by model)
Making the plutonium bomb-building process especially difficult is the problem that Rhodes cites as the most difficult task in the Manhattan Project from the scientists' perspective: taking a hollow sphere of plutonium, crushing its 30 pounds into a softball sized compacted sphere, and releasing a stream of neutrons within it on a timetable of a few microseconds.
The finding of a nearly perfect liquid in a laboratory experiment recreating the conditions believed to have existed a few microseconds after the birth of the universe is truly astonishing," says Brookhaven director Praveen Chaudhari.
He was able to reduce duration to 50 microseconds without inducing a misfire.
Running directly on pure hydrogen, the DCH system can respond to demand loads in microseconds.
Handles up to 100-amp peak pulse current for 2/10 microseconds duration pulses to meet Bellcore GR 1089 ratings
Some scientists claim to have already created elements 116 and 118, though neither existed for more than a few microseconds.
That allowed the researchers to determine that the bats were able to perceive and process separate but overlapping echoes arriving as little as two microseconds (a mere two millionths of a second) apart.
Orders Now Execute in Less Than 400 Microseconds on Average; Visible via Multicast Pitch in 630 Microseconds
They will get a roundtrip latency of 150 microseconds compared to the existing 2550 microseconds it takes for clients who are in Sandton.
According to the firm, AES Velocity is currently achieving DMA with latency figures of 265 microseconds in Singapore.
The switching speed between dark and fight is moderately fast, on the order of 400 microseconds.
6 microns with a response time of 50 microseconds (.
13C / = 300:1 / (10% ethylbenzene) / = 10 microseconds (300 W Ampl.