microscopic field

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the areas that is visible through a microscope

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Individual mean numbers of blood vessels were between 0.7 and 7.0 per microscopic field. The mean number of all visible blood vessels per high-power microscopic field in the whole study group was 2.5 [+ or -] 1.4 (mean [+ or -] SD) and the median number was 2.1.
Grade 2--More than 2 but less than 10 foci with elastic lamellae fragmentation in one microscopic field.
(2013), a complete automatic analysis in tissues could represent bias, as many software do not recognize differences among cells and structures in the same microscopic field. That is why the expertise of histologist, pathologist or investigator, is another element of the analysis, thus the recognition patterns happen to be semi-automatic.
The MC values were between 0 and 4 in non-neoplastic tissue, and the mean MCC in each microscopic field was 0.83+-0.70 (median: 0.75).
CgA-positive cells were counted in ten and five randomly chosen microscopic fields using a x40 objective.
Intensity of invasion was calculated per 100 microscopic fields. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) v 17 (SPSS Inc., USA) was used to analyze the data.
[12] Also, the increased smear positivity by the bleach method is attributable to the higher density of bacilli per microscopic field obtained by this method and reduction of debris, leaving a clear field for microscopy.
Usually, the averaging approach uses a test function [f.sub.a] and microscopic field e given by
It is necessary to capture several video frames as they transit the microscopic field of view, and this can sometimes be tens or hundreds of microseconds.
Two vessel excretions and observing inflammatory cells of the acute type more than 1/2 of microscopic field of vision with low magnification (10x) and tissue necrosis, Grade 1
Infection in lactating females was assessed ten days after inoculation by searching for trypomastigotes in a drop of blood taken from the tail according to the method proposed by Brener, (19) with correction for inter microscopic field. (20)
HOT technology is based on optical trapping which works by using light to create microscopic "tweezers" that can manipulate particles in the microscopic field of view.
In general, a cleanup would be performed if sampling results indicated asbestos was present in amounts greater than 1 percent (based on the percentage area in a microscopic field) in soils or debris or greater than 0.1 asbestos fibers per cubic centimeter of air.
The intensity of infection was quantified before molecular analysis by scoring the number of oocysts counted per microscopic field (under a 20x objective) of 50-[micro]L volume of concentrated stool sample as + (1-5 oocysts), ++ (6-10 oocysts), +++ (11-15 oocysts), or ++++ (>15 oocysts).
Frozen images of the spinning microscopic field containing 20-50 cells were recorded onto Sony ED-Beta tape through an Olympus SLC Plan Fl 40 x (N.A.
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