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a small platform on a microscope where the specimen is mounted for examination


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Using the microscope stage screw, area fractions can be obtained by the distance preadjusted with cursors on the X and Y axes guidelines.
People who have been wondering what it is that attracts micromounters can now see in sharp detail and brilliant color just what lies on the microscope stage. Slide film has shown some of that in the past, but digital cameras are making massive changes possible.
The polarizer alignment was determined, relative to the microscope stage, by using a highly drawn polypropylene film sample as a control.
Displacement of the captured cell relative to the rest of the sample is then achieved by either moving the microscope stage or by displacing the laser beam itself (35).
The BioPoint 2, a new XY motorized microscope stage incorporating the best ergonomic design available on the market, is the latest product innovation from Ludl Electronic Products, Hawthorne, N.Y.
To operate the microscope remotely, a real-time video image of the microscope stage would need to be available to the remote microscopist, in addition to control over all of the beam parameters.
This must be equipped with an integrated microscope and a motorized XYZ microscope stage.
For applications requiring highly accurate and precise XY sample positioning, the microscope stage delivers high performance over a travel range of 114 x 75 mm, while proprietary Intelligent Scanning Technology enables users to further increase accuracy to 10 nm resolution with a mean repeatability of just [+ or -] 0.2 [micro]m.
Lulu Xie in Nedergaard's lab trained mice to sit quietly on a microscope stage while researchers probed their brains.
This slide is placed on the microscope stage and observed at high power (~400X) as seen in Figure 1.
The slide resides on the microscope stage while the electronic image is transmitted, allowing up to 64 users to simultaneously review the electronic slide remotely--from anywhere in the world.
The company's high-performance universal motorized microscope stage system is compact.
These techniques include moving the microscope stage and using polarization or phase contrast microscopy.