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a small flat rectangular piece of glass on which specimens can be mounted for microscopic study

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16 February 2016 - US-based medical devices maker Hardy Diagnostics has acquired Wichita Falls, Texas-based automated microscope slide stainer maker GG/B Company, the company said.
That study, designed to test the null hypothesis that "the true difference in major discrepancies between WSI and microscope slide review is greater than 4%," (3(p518)) entailed the review of 607 primary cases of 2 pathologists, and showed that diagnostic review by WSI was not inferior to microscope slide review (P < .
Stable and strong adhesion of a tissue specimen to the microscope slide surface while mitigating hydrophobic interactions is important for achieving successful and consistent sample preparation and staining.
Their catalog advertised a large microscope slide inventory until World War II (1939), at which time the company was conscripted to manufacture optical instruments for military use.
The sample taker will then put the cells into a small tube of liquid, to suspend them in liquid, instead of spreading them straight onto a microscope slide.
Researchers can refine raw materials right on the microscope slide or inside the culture dish by visual and automatic identification, outlining the relevant area for non-contact extraction via fully-automated laser ablation.
An annual art of science competition, now in its second year, allows students, staff, and faculty an outlet for showing the beauty produced by research projects, whether it's a blown-up picture of a microscope slide or a video of very small life forms.
The 72 spots were conservatively printed at distances of ~5 mm, covering the upper half of the microscope slide (similar to Fig.
Having pioneered combinatorial synthesis and high-throughput screening in polymer science, Meredith has developed a technology for depositing large collections of polymers on a single microscope slide, using property gradients to create thousands of variations in composition, temperature, and thickness.
The yeast ProtoArray contains nearly 5,000 yeast proteins, double-spotted onto a surface-modified glass microscope slide.
They apply even to a few cells on a microscope slide or to material taken from Egyptian mummies.
In this type of microscopy, a plastic film is suspended a few microns from the microscope slide holding stained cells.
Each "library," the size of a standard microscope slide, contains as many as 1500 differentiable experimental conditions, including process variables of temper ature and time.
With the standard Pap smear technique, the doctor collects cervical cells on a swab, which is then discarded after smearing the cells on a microscope slide.
The scientist, who died in 1955, noticed that mould on his microscope slide destroyed bacteria.