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minute opening in the wall of an ovule through which the pollen tube enters

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During this period, the sporophylls in some section of the seed 'cones' typically separate for a number of days to allow insect vectors and the transfer of pollen directly into the vicinity of the micropyle (Donaldson, 1997).
The measured parameters included total length, total width, chorionic tubercle diameter, micropyle, and micropyle annexes, for comparision with the data obtained by Linley and Chadee (1990).
Ovaries oocyte after spawning; (1d, 10x) micropyle (arrow); (1f, 20x) mature oocyte (*) and post-ovulatory follicle (arrow).
Although the Pacific herring sperm did not move in seawater when released for spawning, they started moving near unfertilized eggs through the action of herring sperm activating protein (HSAP) contained in OF [32], and entered an egg micropyle through the action of sperm motility initiating factor (SMIF), which is present near the micropyle [31,33].
The parenchyma cells beneath the epidermis of the ovule in the micropyle end developed into an archesporial cell in late April (Fig.
Eggs had a 3-leaved micropyle and highly sculptured chorion surface, typical of Lycaenidae (Fig.
Surface morphology and micropyle as a tool for identifying fish eggs by scanning electron microscopy.
Specific cells, located near the micropyle and functioning as a valve, permit the seeds to dehydrate and enter into equilibrium in a dry environment, and do not allow the absorption of water under humid conditions (BLACK et al., 2006).
The ovule is anatropous, presenting micropyle, funicle, inner and outer integument and nucellus in both floral types.
Extraction of Embryos from The Ovul: Open ovules at the end opposite to that of the micropyle were cut and embryos from the ovular integuments were carefully excised.
The greater number of unviable eggs observed in the bioassay by immersion leads us to believe that the micropyle (structure responsible for the respiratory process in the egg) facilitates entry of the solution, thus preventing the formation of the embryo.
About the paper towel dampened a line was drawn in the upper third, in the longitudinal direction, where the seeds were placed micropyle is directing it down.
6C) with one arched dorsal expansion, perforated by a large number of aeropyles (Ae) overlying the subterminal micropyle (My).
(1999) Annonaceae seeds have a tegument composed of a woody waterproof cover, indicating that water can penetrate only through the seed hilum, through the micropyle. Another factor that may have resulted in slower acquisition of water by Annonaceae seeds is the largest proportion of lipids in their reservations, about the proteins and sugars (CORSATO et al., 2012).