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minute opening in the wall of an ovule through which the pollen tube enters

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Although the Pacific herring sperm did not move in seawater when released for spawning, they started moving near unfertilized eggs through the action of herring sperm activating protein (HSAP) contained in OF [32], and entered an egg micropyle through the action of sperm motility initiating factor (SMIF), which is present near the micropyle [31,33].
The integument reached the top of the nucellus and formed a micropyle through continuous cell division.
scandens by Webster and Webster (1972), the obturator is closely apressed to the micropyle in lid-like fashion.
B) Scanning electron microscopy photograph of an Atala egg showing highly sculptured chorion ultrastructure and micropyle.
The pollen can even germinate while in the pollination drop outside the micropyle (Bino et al.
Extraction of Embryos from The Ovul: Open ovules at the end opposite to that of the micropyle were cut and embryos from the ovular integuments were carefully excised.
The greater number of unviable eggs observed in the bioassay by immersion leads us to believe that the micropyle (structure responsible for the respiratory process in the egg) facilitates entry of the solution, thus preventing the formation of the embryo.
About the paper towel dampened a line was drawn in the upper third, in the longitudinal direction, where the seeds were placed micropyle is directing it down.
6C) with one arched dorsal expansion, perforated by a large number of aeropyles (Ae) overlying the subterminal micropyle (My).
diversifolia there is no impediment to the entry of water into the seed, since water enters through different sites, mainly through the seed coat (testa), the testa suture (rafe-antirafe), and fewer by hilum- micropyle (Figure 3).
The importance of the duration of sperm motility is in the time required by the sperm to penetrate the oocyte micropyle and for fertilization to occur.
In form, the seed is oval and much closer towards the micropyle [40].
On its way, the pollen tube penetrates the stigmatic surface, is then guided through the stigma and style and placenta, grows onto the funiculus, and finally enters the micropyle of the ovule for double fertilization (Figures 1 and 3A).
Butterfly eggs These eggs can be things of beauty, with ribbing and fluting pointing the eye toward a little opening called the micropyle.
Morphological information did not extend to the micropyle, ridge pattern or filaments on the ova or eggs.