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Therefore in my personal opinion, the influence of this microphonic space is as important as the real acoustic response of the room in the whole structure of the system.
The E3i sensor, an interior microphonic cable sensor, has been designed to detect attempts to penetrate the walls and roofs of buildings.
High CV formulations of barium titanate (the base ceramic material for most dielectric systems) exhibit a microphonic effect.
Tubes can be microphonic, that is, they can pick up and amplify vibrations.
TH-AM-OF5-1: Electrical Noise Generated from the Microphonic Effect in Capacitors
Senstar-Stellar's product line includes buried cable sensors, microphonic fence sensors, electrostatic field sensors, microwave sensors, video intrusion detection sensors, infrared LED illuminators and system integration tools.
He conceived both the entire orchestra and a smaller group of instruments as two synthesized string basses, which we might call a macrophonic and a microphonic one.
27] There are no definitive studies comparing oscillometry with other techniques, however, such as ultrasonic and microphonic techniques.
The Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) defined that the aim of the NTSWG type-acceptance program is for all telephones used in sensitive discussion areas to be physically incapable of producing microphonic audio on wires leaving the instrument while it is in the idle state.
Analysis of the microphonic potential of the bullfrog's sacculus.
The resonators are not microphonic and exhibit no aging.
Intelli-FLEX is a microphonic intrusion detection system for outdoor, fence-mounted perimeter security applications.
81,88,89) We obtained baseline levels of compound action potentials and cochlear microphonic thresholds in the guinea pigs, and then randomly assigned them to one of three groups:
It adapts Senstar-Stellar's strain-sensitive microphonic cable technology, used on outdoor perimeter fencing, to the specialized requirements of detecting impacts to metal, wood or masonry materials.
The equipment array is in an adjacent room (controlled mostly by an RF remote control), which not only gets a typically unsightly stack of equipment out of sight, but also eliminates any chance whatsoever for microphonic feedback to add colorations, even at high listening levels.