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Synonyms for micropenis

an abnormally small penis


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Idiopathic micropenis was diagnosed in patients of normal male genitalia with micropenis, normal FSH, LH, testosterone and adequate response on hCG stimulation19.
Patient had bilateral undescended testis (cryptorchid), hypospadiasis and micropenis.
For males with undervirilization or severe micropenis, providers and parents have made patient care decisions based on the belief that a child (and future adult) will negatively perceive this sexual difference.
Being healthy and fit, the man claims that his micropenis has had devastating impacts which has affected his sex life, confidence, friendships, interaction with others and even led to him being bullied at school, depression and low self-esteem.
Patients may present with almost complete female phenotype or ambiguous external genitalia, hypospadias, micropenis, bifid scrotum, single urogenital opening, or a combination of these defects.
Alobar holoprosencephaly, cebocephaly, and micropenis in a Klinefelter fetus of a diabetic mother.
In a studies by Reilly JM et al and Van Seters et al, children who had micropenis at birth and were reared as male had satisfactory relationship and also produced children.
External genitalia was male type with micropenis & testicles
Patients with previous history of surgery for hypospadia, those with proximal penile and posterior hypospadias, micropenis and ambiguous genitalia and those without chordee were excluded.
If you genuinely have a very small penis, a condition called micropenis, you could consult a urologist to see if you're a candidate for enlargement surgery.
On the other hand, given several decades of experience with particular conditions, sex reassignment would no longer be advisable in certain cases: for example, traumatic ablation of the penis (David Reimer's case), or 46XY micropenis.
Penile conditions: Peyronie's disease, priapism, epispadias, micropenis, trauma VI.
Features associated with these conditions include goiter, dry skin, midline defects, micropenis in boys, and an especially round, cherubic face.
Men who suffer from micropenis are unable to have sexual intercourse or to urinate standing up.